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  • Berserker WB/Gauntlet/PvP Guide

    Hello everyone! I was searcing for a good Berserker guide and i didnt rly find one. So i decided i would make one and i hope it will be helpful to everyone. I am a lv 76 Berserker on the server 109 Ethernal Realm my orientation is more PVE (player vs environment) than PVP (player vs player) but i will give you my tips about pvp.

    Ok let's get started Berserker is a high Phy DMG DPS so my choice of Gems are (HP / PATK / PDEF / Agility / Crit / Dodge) for those who dont know how i can have 6 gems in my items i have Heroic or Royal equipment equiped. Basically that is my normal gem combo. My normal skill combo is Tornado Blow /Warrior's Roar (before i used Valiant Banner) / Fatal Blow. Your main hero is the strongest in the party and should always have the best equipment that u have on him.

    PVE - player vs environment
    For pve your primary focus should be on maximising your DMG output that means try to form a party that will do that my choice are Nereida and Astral hunter. For skils i use my normal combo (Warrior's rage gives the whole party 23% ATK other players that dont have the skill yet use Valiant Banner it gives only 18% ATK but its still an awsome power boost). This is my standard WB, GB, Gauntlet party position. Basically i stick to the concept of 2 weakest heros in front 2 strongest + main hero in back. WB, GB, Dragons in gauntlet always attack in the same patern front row middle / fronot for bottom (if no one is there it goes to top) /front row top same patern goes for the back row. my choice of have neri in the back row is that she gives me rage. With this party my constant dmg on WB and GB is 20m - 27m sometimes i get a hit from 30m+. Gauntlet is a different story there my dmg is a bit lower constant dmg is from 11m-16m but it goes up to 25m to from time to time. My best total output DMG on Gauntlet was araund 450m.

    Click image for larger version

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    Gems for Other Heros

    Twilight tavern to Midnight Tavern (Topaz & Ruby Heros)

    DPS (Night Sentinel / Atalanta / Demon Huntress/ Guardian / Exorcist / Berserker claw) HP / PATK / PDEF / AGILITY / CRIT

    TANK (Nether Knight / King o' Bones) HP / PATK / PDEF / MDEF / BLOCK

    MAGE & HEALER ( Djini / Celestial Maiden / Blazin Soul / Nereida) HP / MATK / PDEF or MDEF / AGILITY / CRIT (important for Healers
    because they can crit heal) / Dodge (for Mage)

    PVP - player vs player
    When it comes to pvp im not rly an expert but i can say im getting better. In pvp alot depends on the opponent you are facing i try to have at least 2 or 3 party positions for pvp. Those are my 3 examples that work for me it dosent meant they will work for all of you.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    For gems in pvp i use my standard combination (HP / PATK / PDEF / Agility / Crit / Dodge) but again this gem combo works for me. My server is crowded with sorceres and mystics so i tend to swich my PDEF into MDEF so i get less dmg from Mag attackers. As u maybe saw by now my prty dosent have a healer but i am still strong enugh to beat other ppl with hecate in their party. For skils i use my normal combo some players use partner&finishng move both rage drain but for me tat dosent work.

    Click image for larger version

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    Well this is all i can tell u abaut PVP i am curently working on hecate i can barely kill the higher BR players with herels its geting rly hard to stay compatitive without hecate in the party so i strongly recomand get hecate if it's possible.

    every feedback is welcome

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    you can do 2b+ damage at gauntlet you just need infinite rage build and imba claw and high dodge main char...
    damage to bosses 65m - 74m
    use fire totem for more damage
    if yo got high dodge you dont need aegis aquarius instead use libra
    if you can survive or dodge bosses skill you dont need rage drain and demoralize... instead use valiant banner and fatal blow
    im just sharing my experience as a free user =)
    Click image for larger version

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    thats the best PVE and PVP build as off now for free user like this
    Click image for larger version

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      nice guide


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        I think using hit gem instead of crit gems specially in PVP is better


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          Nice guide, I am a berserker myself but use a different setup atm. I am actually getting quite frustrated as a berserker tbh and I am nearing on lvl 80 and lookign to change things up a bit.

          Only 1 problem that I see in your post

          (Warrior's rage gives the whole party 23% ATK other players that dont have the skill yet use Valiant Banner it gives only 18% ATK but its still an awsome power boost)
          Warriors rage does not give your whole party an attack boost, only your main char.
          Char: Katatonian (Berserker lvl 83)
          Guild: Crimson Dawn - Come Join Us
          Server: S23