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Nightmare Aegis: Virgo Blessing

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  • Nightmare Aegis: Virgo Blessing

    Can anybody shine light by the description of Virgo Blessing

    "Increase all unit's disorder to stun by 30%"

    what is this disorder actually mean...?

    Leo blessing can be understood as giving resistance to stun by 30%.

    Does virgo blessing mean that all heroes have a additional 30% chance to stun enemy?

    tested alot of battles and it doesn't seem to have the 30% effect noticable anywhere.

    need some inputs. Thank you.
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    I'm wondering that too. My guess is it reduce enemies resistance to stun but it's just well ... a guess..

    I'm doing fine with op libra blessing now so happy anyway :P


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      now that you mentioned it.. it can be read as increasing all (opponent? supposely) likelihood to be stunned by 30%.. well 24% from tyr's ring would bring it up to 31.2% i guess..

      new edit:
      However, now i read that leo blessing is 30% resistance to stun and virgo blessing is 30% resistance to confusion aka saggitarus.
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