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  • A little game guide

    I've seen people asking here and there when that unlocks and what does it do,so i decided to give a "wide answer",now this is made mostly from my mind,so if i got something wrong,please point it,so i can modify.

    Lvl 10:
    Angel system:Here you can find all the angels that loa has,every angel has a lvl requirement and an icon to unlock it.Some angel icons are in the arena shop,others can be obtained from events.
    Guild:As most of the games,LOA has a guild system as well,in there you can find a guild shop,a daily wage and different bonuses+2 guild events.

    Lvl 12:
    Astral upgrade:Every lvl allows you to light an astral,each one gives a small bonus.

    Lvl 15:
    Here we get to see the enhance feature in the synth tab,not much to say about it:enhance item using gold.

    Lvl 20:
    This one is like santa,unlocks a lot of interesting systems.So let's get into it.
    World Boss:It starts at 19:00 server time,you get to fight 3 bosses with high hp and atk,in return you get gold,and an extra reward after all bosses are killed(reward depends on ranking)

    Quiz:Starts at 13:00 server time,general and loa related questions,each correct answer gives you gold and a chance for a lvl 3 gem chest.

    Wyrm race: Duration,13:30-14:30,server time,there are 4 types of wyrms,and you get 2 free daily refreshes,a rare wyrm gives you more rewards,also a boost in the wyrm tab as follow:Alzurak 10%,Fosindril 50% and Auricion 100% (this is a boost for all of your heroes stats).You also get 10 daily attemps to ride another wyrm and get some gold out of it.

    Gauntlet:Starts at 22:30 server time,guild bassed event,were you fight dragons and other mobs,for gold and guild honor (higher the overall dmg,better rewards)

    Twilight Clash: Duration 22:00-23:00,you fight other guilds,for 4 cityes,rewards are honor and emblem shards.

    Emblem:This is just for your main hero,each lvl increase the stats of it.

    Also starting from lvl 20 you can do special events as:Tycoon,House of Cards,Beach treasure,Wheel of fortune and more.There are some special events that require a higher lvl,between 25-35.

    Lvl 23:
    Alchemy,here you get gold,you get some free attempts each day,then you can buy more using diamonds,cost double each time,10,20,30 and so on.Also vip gives you more free daily attempts.

    Lvl 24:
    Recruit Tab:Now you can start recruting heroes.There are 5 taverns,each with different heroes.Also you get 4 types of herosouls:Opal,Garnet,Topaz,Ruby.You get 2 daily free atempts for getting souls,and you'll have to spend gold for more.Some heroes also require a crest,not just herosouls,those can be obtained from events,or from the cross shop.

    Party:Here you can add recruited heroes to your party,and change their position.

    Lvl 25:
    Team dungeon:Fight mobs for rewards,there's also a time limit,the faster you complete it,the better the reward,you need a minimum of 2 players to take part in it.

    Hero skills:Each class has it's own skills,those unlock as you lvl up,and you need warsouls to improve them.

    Gemology:From here you can get gems,synth scrolls and socket rods.Vip gives extra attempts,and gem cards can be obtained from events,shops,guild feast and online gift.

    Gem Socketing:New feature in the synth tab,here you can add gems to your gear,you will need socket rods to unlock a gem slot on your item.

    Arena:Fight against other players from your server,you can fight 5 players a round,other will show up after you defeat them all,or when the oponets reset.You get 10 free attempts,and can buy more with diamonds.Domination:Top8 players from each group go into domination round,1st place gets a flair,lvl 6 gems and warsouls.

    Lvl 26:
    Garden:Plant seeds for gold,warsouls and mount exp.Upgrade your tree by blessing.

    Lvl 27:
    Angel covenant:Meet certain requirements to unlock bonuses for your party.

    Lvl 28:
    Drills:Here you can train your heroes,you can use time skip scrolls to gain more exp.1 slot is free,2nd can be obtained with gold and 3 more with diamonds.

    Lvl 29:
    Clash of Might:Fight others players from your server for a higher ranking,each day rewards accordingly to your ranking are released.

    Lvl 30:
    Team Arena goes between 11:30-12:30 and 20:30-21:30 server time.3 players fight as a team with party angel and a hero of choosing against other players.

    Mount and hero training:Soulstones can be used to train heroes in order to increase their stats.

    Raiders:You get 15 free spin attempts and 10 to raid shards from other players,more can be bought using diamonds.

    Fairy:Obtainable from shop and events,pets that give a small bonus for yourself or your team.

    Lvl 31:
    Zodiac:There are 12 zodiacs and 3 lvl for each,every zodiac defeated unlocks an aegis skill,you get aegis shards as rewards,which can be used to upgrade your aegis skill

    Lvl 32:
    Tidal Pool:2 daily attempts to catch fish,unlocking a higher lvl of the pool brings rare fishes.

    Lvl 33:
    Cross-Server War:Fight against other players in a 7 vs 7 match,there are 2 mods,mine and transportaing,first 3 attempts give a reward based on ranking.

    Worship:Worshiping angels gives you points that can be used to buy angel bufs,you can worship once a day.

    Tarot:A new system,the basics of it is to match the same 2 cards,until all of them are revealed,each lvl brings more cards,therefor a higher difficulty.Points can be used in the tarot shop.

    Lvl 35:
    Allows you to bring 1 more hero in your party.

    Lvl 36:
    Angel evolution:Evolve angels using seraph stones,there are 10 lvl of evolution,each lvl requires more seraph stones.Evolving angels increases their stats.

    Lvl 40:
    Upgrade system:Use blessed stones to upgrade your heroes and mount.

    Erebus:From here you can get shards needed for your equipments.Points achieved in the dungeon gives more draws at the end of it.Vip players get 2 free attempts.

    Marriage:No questions here,find a partner and get hitched,the trick is that you'll need 1999 intimacy with the person you want to marry.That can be obtained by doing td,inferno together,garden,protecting wyrm and giving roses to each other.

    Lvl 42:
    Jackpot:Hit the button and hope for a combo,each combo gives a specific number of refining stones.20 attempts for free players and 30 for vip ones,more can be bought using diamonds.

    Refine:Yes,it has to do with the refining stones mentioned earlier,use them to refine your gear,there are 5 refine attributes for each item,and the max stars for each is 20.

    Lvl 45:
    Add 1 more hero to your party.

    Inferno:A lvl based system were you fight mobs and collect items.It can be done solo,or with 1,2 friends.Is time based,same as team dungeon,so the quicker you finish it,the better the reward.

    Advanced class gets unlocked.Each class can choose from 2 types.

    2nd skill for your main hero is up now.

    And advanced gemology opens it's gates.

    Lvl 46:
    Element training:Allows your heroes to increase their element dmg and res (fire,ice,electro).It asks for element crystals,obtainable from tarot,inferno,and events.

    Enchant:New system in forge,allows you to purify your items using enchant stones,purifing items gives a bonus;atk for wp,hp for helm and so on.After an item reaches lvl 5,you'll need adv enchant stones to upgrade it further.Stones can be bought from shop using enchant ore,obtainable from eternal spire elite battle,and events.

    Lvl50:Starting to get big,aren't we.
    Finishing move for your main hero.

    Cross-Server Tournament:Fight against heroes from the same time zone servers as you,you'll get 10 free attemps,and 1 free refresh,more can be bought with diamonds.Top100 qualify for the finals
    Cross-Server Team Tournament:Here you need,as the name suggest,a team,made of 5 players,top 2 teams in each server qualify into group stages,top4 from group stages go to knockouts,and the top team is decided.

    Eternal spire:There are current 20 lvl in it,each lvl has 10 stages,and higher lvl gives more runes.You have to fight mobs in each stage and a boss in the last one.

    Rune system:After you unlock it,each items gets and rune attribute,the attribute increases the status of that item;atk for wp,hp for helm,agility for boots and so on.The first 2 that you can activate are helm and accessory rune.The other ones require a certain lvl of the previous ones for unlocking.Example:In order to unlock boots rune the requirement is to reach rank1 lvl10 for helm and accessory.
    Upgrading runes unlocks rune skills,this increase angel,class resistance and gives a chance to increase angel rage,skills grow up with the rune upgrade.

    Gem enhancement:Yes,it has to do with gems,and it gives a bonuses to them (this bonus only applies to the gems that you use on the specific hero).Increasing the lvl of it,also increases the bonus,in order to do that,gem enhancement stones are required,obtainable from gemology,hot events,and more.

    Guardian angels:Big one,as the name suggests,you can use angels as guardians,in combination with cherubstones is the system that gives the highest boost to your heroes.My advice is to focus on the guardian angels,not the one you use in party.Cherubstones can be obtained from arena shop and events.

    Lvl 55:
    Rebirth:This allows you to rebirth your heroes,giving them higher stats for each lvl.Note:the lvl of the hero will decrease after rebirth,make sure you're prepared before doing it.
    Rebirth can be done every 5 lvl so is gonna be like this:first rebirth lvl55;2nd-lvl 60;3rd-lvl 65;4th-lvl 70;5th-lvl 75;6th-lvl80;7th-lvl85.

    Dark abyss:New system with 3 stages each having 50 levels.Nightmare runes and purgatory totems are dropped from it,can be used to buy items/resources from abyss shop.Note:In order to obtain runes and totems you will need to reach a certain number of stars every 5 levels.Stars can be used to buy buffs for your party.Ranking rewards are slayer's marks(also usable in the abyss shop) and vouchers.

    Lvl 60:
    Dragonsoul:Much like gemology.Use dragonsouls to obtain a certain attribute,devour them in order to increase the lvl of the ones you're using,dragonsouls of the same element and attribute can't be used twice.Same attribute but different element works.Upgrading the dragonsouls increases their attributes,and also the element power.Reach a certain element power in order to unlock dragonsoul skills.Skills are different for each class.

    Totems:Each totem has a different skill,you can use 5 totems at once,but only the main totem skill can be used in battle.Totems also increase certain stats and resistance.The totems you use boost the attribute of the entire party.Sacrifice points and totems badge are gived for each fight,use sacrifice points to get totems,and badges to buy them from the totem shop.Note:The difficulty of this system is high.

    Lvl 70:
    Last class upgrade,there's nothing to choose from,just click ok.

    Back up hero:Allows you to bring another hero in battle when one of your party heroes dies.

    Character awakening:In order to upgrade it,it requires for awakening stones,those can be obtained from the "Awaken Smelting"event,by trading resources and new stones made exactly for the event.
    Now comes the fun part,by upgrading the awakening,it allows to use skills for your main hero.The new skills works the same as the original ones,in order to upgrade the skills,books are required,those can be obtained from Skills Chest (event that unlocks at lvl 70,same as Awaken Smelting),also each skill lvl asks for a higher awakening lvl,so the 2 are connected.

    Divine Realm:New feature,where we get Cs Wyrm Race,Cs CoM and Alliance,which is a feature same as Guild,being part of an alliance gives a basic bonus,and also allows the player to take part in Demonic War (same as WB,with more mobs,and a lot stronger)

    Lvl 89:This is were you stop.At least for now.

    I might have forgotten some things or mistaken the lvl that it unlocks for some of them.If so,you're replies are more then welcomed,also if you think that i should add something,post it,and i will make sure that it gets here.Hope is gonna be at help
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    Moved to the right section.

    It's the first hour, of the first day
    It's hard without you, I cannot lie
    You were everything, and could have been
    It's the first summer, of the first year
    Today only rain, knocks on my window
    And it reminds me, how much I loved you.

    I fail to emerge
    It's a universe, that wants me to get off
    Fear catches me, and I start calling you.

    It's the first night, when I feel cold
    Your arms can no longer warm me
    A cold soul, I cannot love.


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      Have stickied, I would suggest you do a bit of cleanup as it looks like one long paragraph. Put some spacing and breaks in.
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        Thanks for pointing it out,i did a bit of editing,it should look better now.


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          I'm also thinking of adding a guide about,IRB,IRB2,dodge build and also character build for a few heroes,if you're interesting in it,or want to see how a hero should look like,in order to be usefull (in my personal opinion),post the hero you want to see down here.


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            LE, Neredia, Night Sentinel, BC (Not GW, sadly), Valkyrie, and Astral hunter?
            Beserker lvl 73
            980K BR
            Unearthly Fortuna lvl 85
            Royal Unicorn/Sterling Moonbeam
            Astral Hunter/Valkryie/Beserker Claws/Neredia (Backup, Night Sentinel)
            Guild: Legendary

            Lilya Lita
            Mystic lvl 72
            1.1M BR
            Ungodly Serrin lvl 90
            Smoldering Steed/Elf Spring
            Astral Child/Neredia/Beserker Claws/Djnni


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              Nereida & Astral Hunter,the set up for them is basically the same and it looks like this:

              Gems:HP/PDEF/MDEF/AGILITY/END and hp+def fuse gems,preferably 2 if you afford ,dropping end or agility,deppending on your party.

              Rune:Max until wp unlock,unlocking wp is useless for them,but if you have the runes for it go ahead,to increase the other stats.

              Dragonsouls:hp/def/end/agility,again agility depending on your party build.

              Gem enhancement:6.1 should do if you're a free/low casher try 7.1 if you're medium,high.Ofc getting higher then this doesn't hurt.

              Guardian Angels:The buffer should get the 3rd strongest angel & cherub,after main and the striker,i assume claw in your case.

              Upgrade+18,21 if possible,training 25,30 if possible.

              Elements:If you afford it,then train,i advise working with strikers on this one,since having element dmg on buffers doesn't help,true it also gives def,but is better to upgrade the dmg heroes.

              Enchant:Plate,Graves,Helm+5,depending on your strategy boots+3/+5.

              Again,this is my personal opinion on it,but this how it should look.Now i keep pointing out that agility,this is because i don't know your party arrangement,if you're using an IRB and such.If you're not using an IRB,then have her cast 3rd,after hero & striker,4th if you're using 2 heavy strikers.

              LE:Now there are 2 set ups for her,i'll post the one i use.

              Gems:HP/MATK/AGI/DEF/HP+MATK,agility+hit fused gem,depending on your strategy,i'll type a few words about it after.

              Rune:Same as Nereida,getting wp unlocked would be great,but is not an option for all.

              Gem Enhacement:7.1 will do.8 if you can afford it.

              Dragonsouls:HP/ATK/2xAGI/ or MDEF/PDEF/2xAGI/END. Again depending on build,first combo is the one for this build.

              Guardian Angels:Try to get a guardian as strong as your striker.If you can't then,next one will do.

              Enchant:Everything at +5 would suffice.

              Element:Same as Nereida.

              Upgrade +21;Training 30+

              Now i talked about 2 builds,i put the one with ATK.Some are using a def based build,basically dropping atk,for def and end.Light Envoy can be used in different ways,depending on your strategy.As an example in my party DM is the first one to cast,i do so for the extra DMG,even if all my heroes could cast,without the extra rage she gives.Some have her cast the last,to refill the rage of the heroes,or second,after main hits.In a IRB,using nereida or archer,she has to cast first,and the second buffer last,that's the best setup n my opinion.My point is that her agility must be according to your party's needs,as for what build to use,that's up to you. Hope it helped.

              PS:I don't have time to do Claw and Valk build now,i'll post it later on,as for Sentinel,honestly not worth it.Is a "switch" hero,and to post a proper build for it,well not worth the while.


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                tyvm for answer

                BC is my main focus right now, Neredia secondly. I am using an impromptu rage build of Nere+Astral Hunter, until I have enough HOC cards for LE, where I will kick my backup hero (Night Sent) and replace him with astral, gaining a full IRB. Once I have LE sorted, in 3-4 months, would ES be the next best move for a party that is trying to be based around me and BC, and a tank (Valk), aiming for quick battles? Or is it batter to get Hecate or LP, and follow whatever route that it?

                Rather a lot of Q's, I know, but you've been very helpful
                Beserker lvl 73
                980K BR
                Unearthly Fortuna lvl 85
                Royal Unicorn/Sterling Moonbeam
                Astral Hunter/Valkryie/Beserker Claws/Neredia (Backup, Night Sentinel)
                Guild: Legendary

                Lilya Lita
                Mystic lvl 72
                1.1M BR
                Ungodly Serrin lvl 90
                Smoldering Steed/Elf Spring
                Astral Child/Neredia/Beserker Claws/Djnni