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[GUIDE] How to Evolve mounts with Requirements

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  • [GUIDE] How to Evolve mounts with Requirements

    Hello Everyone,

    On this thread I will explain how to evolve a mount and how to get through the " Requirements " that some people get into and have problems with.

    First of all, let's take Iron Cockatrice :

    - Cockatrice mount can be activated normally once the Soul is in the player's Inventory.
    - Iron Cockatrice requires for you to have Majestic Steed activated in order for you to evolve Cockatrice into Iron Cockatrice.
    In order to evolve Cockatrice, you will need Royal Steed to activate it and Majestic Steed in order to evolve it that can be gotten from the Shop.
    Once that move is done, the Requirements for evolve Cockatrice will be completed and ready to Evolve.

    Now let's take a bit more difficult one, that being Celestial Hunter :
    - Floe Hunter evolves into Celestial Hunter, BUT, it has requirements, some requirements that many failed to do it by themselves.
    - In order to evolve Floe hunter to Celestial hunter, you will need to have Azul wolf activated ( Lycorax => Azul Wolf ), once that move is done you will be able to evolve Floe Hunter into Celestial.

    Last, but not least, Luminous Steed
    ( which has the hardest mount requirements in game at the mooment )
    In order to evolve Smoldering Steed into Luminous Steed, you will need :
    - Smoldering steed itself
    - Iron Cockatrice ( which evolves from Cockatrice, and it requires Majestic Steed, see above how to evolve it ).
    - Celestial Hunter ( see above )

    Well, that being said, that's all for now.
    If anyone has any questions about Mount not evolving/problems, please feel free to PM me.
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