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Where the is our elemental points?

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  • Where the is our elemental points?

    My points is on 1, where is the hot events i got?
    Some of us didn't use the elementals from elemental zone.
    The merges before us got it all and used it all.
    Now all mine say collected and we didnt collect any, ALSO LOSING OUT ON DIAMONDS.
    ******* give them back you thieving arseholes.
    So we get screwed by not taking them and getting ******* ZERO of anything and screwed by not getting them as well.

    We want to be able to collect our rewards when we want.
    We want our rewards back as how it should be, diamonds and all.
    We want our points back that we got from elsewhere, hot events/djinni/cratf master.
    They want their points back for collecting from elemental zone, you let everyone else do that before

    If you want to close the game then just ******* close it and dont us around.
    We all said no to merges, yet you still merge very active servers.

    I just got some elemental scrolls from events bonus, COME STEAL THAT AS WELL.