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  • Lapsed Eragon

    is this hero worth recruiting?
    I have not seen any player that has him.

    Any thoughts / knowledge on him is appreciated.

    thx to all that reply!

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    Seriously Boss.....u haven't seen anyone with lapsed eragon? he is very common to be found in many many parties, next CS tycoon check the players in top ranks.

    is lapsed eragon worth recruiting?
    well first it depends on your build and what you are looking for,
    for example if you already have soul rapier golden queen and genesis then this may not be your best option.

    second, and very important
    do you have lapsed eragon amulet? without the amulet this hero is not that good

    also the hero is silver dragon lord, once you have lapsed eragon it means you already recruit and evolve the hero so next step it is to get amulet.

    Overall with amulet he is a decent attacker with good immunities and nice to pair with other main strikers

    without amulet....just don't bother get hellish wolf instead