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Banning a person.

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  • Banning a person.

    Just a mere question - on a server 355 there is a man named Unforgiven,
    who calls every person prostitute, worthless, tells them to die each day, acts abusive and uses all of the other nasty and offensive words.
    Whole entire server is fed up with that person. If screenshots are provided, will game moderators actually take time to ban a person from the game? Because honestly, there are no mods in servers and stuff like that floats around.

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    until mods actually see and take responsibility for not managing game well with the players that enter.
    we're paying money not to see some guy in the chat call everyone's mothers "dead whores" and "f*** sluts"


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      Hi. We don't have ingame moderators. To report a behavior violation, please take screenshots of the behavior, and send them in a ticket to so that R2 can review the situation and take appropriate action.
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      For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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        if they act prompt like on my case it will never happen, sended ticket about cheating, no answer from support at all
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