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  • Domination Draw Guide

    Note: This guide has been observed to be true for one-time domination only. If this guide is not consistent in the next domination, I will take it down.

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    1. You cannot enter the Domination Draw unless you are in the Top 8 in a Solo Arena Group.
    2. There are 8 Solo Arena Groups, namely Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H
    3. The Domination Draw is at 18:00 Server Time.
    4. After the draw, you'll see in the Domination screen: 1st 1/2 (I call it 1st Leg), 2nd 1/2 (2nd Leg) and Grand Final.
    5. The participants in the 1st Leg are the Top 8 from Solo Arena Groups A, B, C, & D.
    6. The participants in the 2nd Leg are the Top 8 from Solo Arena Groups E, F, G, & H.
    7. The participants in the Grand Final are the champions in the 1st Leg and 2nd Leg.

    Here are the original screenshots. Solo Arena Groups were snipped less than 5 minutes before Domination draw (18:00). Domination Matches were snipped less than 5 minutes after the Domination Draw (18:00)

    Click image for larger version

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    I apologize for the poor editing. I did it only with Paint.

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    S79 - Titanhammer Cage
    Adroel - Silverstorm
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    very nice, ill also check this out next time
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      Domination draw table is setup randomly so this guide is sadly incorrect but thanks for the effort
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        Thanks for posting. Keep it up!


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          I'm sorry to say that this guide is partially inconsistent with other domination draws. Please disregard the images. Only correct guide here are the ones numbered 1-7. Its just like the mod says, the draws are random EXCEPT the rank 1 in each Solo Arena Group cause they already have a predetermined Domination Slot.