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Guilding Light - S32- Ireth

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  • Guilding Light - S32- Ireth

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    This is your garden. I hope this guide will make you understand bit in depth what this place has to offer. You can go on your garden as official guide says..just click on Garden up in game toolbar. You can plant your seeds you earn in game or buy in shop. That's clear by itself, right? Take a look at picture now! There is your personal World Tree that helps you have better harvest and quicker growth of your plants.

    1a : Hower your mouse over your Tree so you can see it's current lvl and details. Upper part is your current lvl of tree, on the bottom are some insight what comes with next Tree lvl. There is also progress bar on top that says how much World Tree experience u have and how much is needed for next lvl up. In my case is 140 xp out of 1680. My plants will give me +23.00% better outcome than it says in description of seed that you obtain. Also it will grow about 6.90% faster on it's own without watering (which will shorten the time even more).

    You can gain World Tree experience from almost anything you do in garden. There is daily limit though on each work you do, so it's good idea to maximize your gains per day. Main things that gives you XP is plant your garden, water the plants, harvest, clearing from pesticides (1b). when you see pests, you can just click on it and you're done. You will gain basic world tree xp for doing that.

    Other than harvesting, there is daily limit ("2" on the picture) of how many time you can water, clear pesticide or steal from friends...more about this further in guide.

    Important thing is that, while you can do this yourself it really helps you to have as much friends as you can get. You can see your friends on right side of your garden, as well as some small notification on what their garden needs assistance with ("3" on the picture). First detail on how friends help you is in next example considering Tree Blessing. First time telling this? I know don't worry. See picture how the tree that needs blessing looks like (same icon is in friends list too).

    Click image for larger version

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    here is what it does. You can bless your tree 10 times a day. After doing so 10th time you get reward. However you can't just do it 10 times in a row..there is cooldown from 1 hour in between blessings, for yourself off course. BUT...and there is BIG "BUT" coming. Friends can do your blessings too. So after new session (00:00) every friend in your list get's notification that they can bless your tree! Cooldown is not shared between friends. What this means is If you bless tree you will get cooldown of 1 hour and 1/10 on blessing scale. But in this very same time one of your friends can do it too. So scale will look like 2/10 in first hour...If you have 3rd friend bless your tree also than scale will be 3/10..and so on.. Get the picture? 10 different friends can bless you tree, one each and you can pickup your World Tree reward in just a few minutes rather than waiting 10 Hours to do it yourself. Well this has one trick. Remember that world tree experience you get? You won't get it when friend blesses your tree. So how is this good if you miss your daily limit of world tree experience? Same way, they helped you, you can help them too and get what you missed..You go on your friends garden and bless their tree too...It's gonna give YOU world experience for YOUR world tree (not theirs). Blessing your tree or tree from your friends doesn't make big difference for your own world tree experience, rather than helping each other have it quicker 10/10 on scale to get reward. Same as your own three, they also need 10x blessing (each friend for their own tree) and same cooldown. If you miss your chance you will have another in 1 hour for as long as they don't have 10/10..after which you cannot bless tree anymore. Having maximum number of friends helps a lot (VIP players can have more friends since cap increases). You don't have to worry will you miss blessing tree 10 times for world tree XP, as long as you have enough friends. There is enough chances and time to do so. Another thing which came with one of later updates is that blessing your friends tree also gives you +20 Intimacy, which is needed for marriage. Hope some other guide covers this topic.

    Back to limit. You can water 20 plants daily. ("2" on the picture). This limit is shared between watering your plants or plants from your friends. While watering your plants decreases growth time of your plants, watering plants on friends graden shortens their growth time, but it will give you same amout of world tree experience for YOUR tree and some intimacy with that friends. It's up to you to choose which is more important for you at that moment. Intimacy or shorter growth time. Also you can contact specific friend and exchange watering service. Example you ask him/her to water your plants while you water both will get World Tree XP for your own trees, you both get intimacy towards each other (so it's double on 1 shared scale between you and that specific friend) and you both have shortened growth time of your plants...

    You can also clear pesticides from your own garden or from friend's garden. This is bit different cause while you can actually clear pesticides unlimited times a day, only 20 times will actually give you world tree experience. rest is just plain removing it doesn't matter which pests you remove as long as you do it at last 20 times a day, you're set to go! easy as that.

    Last icon is stealing. You can steal a bit (not full harvest but small percentage) from your friend's soil when their plants reached full growth 20 times a day. Note that each of these actions consume one use from limit per garden per soil. So if you visit friends that has 5 soil to steal from, and you steal from every, you would deduct 5 limit from your scale. This is different from other actions cause while other actions will gain intimacy with that friend, stealing will loose intimacy. It might not be good idea to steal from friends you work on marriage with.

    Another last bit about gardens Is that you can capture 3 players. You can get extortion from them which will give you very small amount of gold (action i tend not to use, since i personally don't find it worth a while). You can also pay diamonds to get larger amount of gold from them, or you can release them from your captivity, which will automatically rob you of all chance of doing these actions. Same as you can capture players, other players can capture you too and can do same to you. In this case you can try to fight enemy and escape his/her captivity, or you can ask in world some who's stronger to free you. All those actions are done simply by clicking on either captive or captor, than selecting proper icon.

    This is all about this guide. I hope you find it useful!

    Sincerely, Ireth.

    Character: Ireth
    Server: Cloud Canyon (s32)
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