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Guild Boss info (based on v3.0055)

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  • rvm1975
    started a topic Guild Boss info (based on v3.0055)

    Guild Boss info (based on v3.0055)

    500 vouchers Cyclops boss (lvl 18 guild 55kk hp 250.000 br)
    500 diamonds Cyclops + Anubis (lvl 18 guild 55kk, 56kk all 250.000 br)
    1000 diamonds Cyclops + Anubis + Headless Horseman (lvl 18 guild 55kk, 56kk, 59kk all 250.000 br)

    Time for guild boss killing is 25 minutes. Time is the same for all modes. If your guild able to kill Cyclops in 10 minutes then you will be able to kill Anubis and Headless Horseman in less then 10 minutes

    There no difference in rewards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places between 1000 diamonds, 500 diamonds and 500 vouchers.

    1st place 200k gold, superior lvl 4 gem box
    2nd place 150k gold, superior lvl 3 x2 gem box
    3rd place 100k gold, superior lvl 3 x1 gem box
    4 and below ??? gold, ???? x?? gem box

    Last strike Cyclops 100k gold
    Last strike Horseman 200k gold
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  • iykwim
    Hmm let me add my data, cyclops lv 62 (guild lv 21) got 80M+ Hp and last hit is 100k

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