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  • Which Hero to Replace?

    Greetings! I'm sure this has been posted somewhere before, so I will admit guilt to reposting.

    I'm a paladin who has just purchased my second ruby hero, the charming Berserker Claw. My current party setup is as follows: 1. King O Bones 2. Djinni 3. Nether Knight 4. Night Sentinel.

    I'm torn between who to replace! Do I replace my Sentinel, and have three tank-like heroes? Do I replace my Nether Knight, and keep that extra dps from Senti? I imagine a lot of this is personal preference - but before I make the plunge, I am seeking recommendations.

    Thank you in advance!

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    we have the same heroes but i replaced night sentinel with Berserker Claws, kindly put BC at the back.


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      I feel like Nether Knight's survivability outweighs Night Sentinel's dps. I was leaning towards that set up. Thank you


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        You may regret that decision later on if you haven't already. Night Sentinel has not only good dps but can tank using dragonsoul skills. He has an invincibility shield that lasts for 2 attacks which include Angel attacks...sure NK can heal but can he outheal the dmg he takes from Boa/Nyssa? And for the record BClaws isn't a tank he's a rogue which=dps. Either way it's too late to change your mind now, but I highly recommend you purchase Nereida if you are going to be using Claws as her buff to rage and atk/def/agi greatly helps along with your valor banner to boost his dmg