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Need Help about renewal of VIP

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  • Need Help about renewal of VIP

    1st of all im confused about VIP.. my VIP5 is already expired and how can i renew? there's 2 choice button on the vip status the 1st one is the subscribe button it shows 6.99 dollars and the choice is the 1-time VIP good for 699 confused of what is it if i choose the 6.99 dollars would i be renewed or my VIP will refresh to VIP 3 or if i choose the 1-time VIP good for 699 diamond would it be the same with the 6.99 dollar or it will continue my subscription.

    I would really appreciate for some guide and answer's

    PS: sorry if I post in a wrong thread..Don't know where would I post it..

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    those 2 are the samething, one being with cash and subscription based(renewal every month unless cancelled) and one you have to subscribe manually every month. The vip with diamonds don't get you the renewal reward though and no your vip level continues where you left off

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