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  • General Knight guide

    Hello guys, this is a general guide to Knights on the game League of angels. I'm making this guide because when I was a new player, just starting out on league of angels,
    I searched extensively for a comprehensive guide on how to play and what choices to make and couldn't find one.
    I'm only level 67 as of now so there may be room for improvement, if I get any information wrong, please tell me I have so in the comments.

    Without further ado, lets get onto the actual guide.

    Table of contents:
    I:Paladin or Berserker
    III: Zodiac and Eternal Spire
    IIII: How to build your main character

    Section I: Paladin or Berserker...

    First, let me start off with saying there is no such class/sub class that is actually a tank
    all classes and sub classes have nearly the same attack and defense, a Mystic can be as tanky
    as a Paladin and a Paladin can have as much damage as a Sorcerer.


    Pros------------------------------------------------- Cons
    Great Healing Skill --------- Not alot of damage early game
    Great Block/Dodge skill ---------- Healing skill isn't good until you get
    Best AoE skill out of him -------- high enough hp for it to be useful.
    and berserker.---------- Dodge skill wont be useful till alot
    Will complete PvE content of dodge aswell.
    before most------------


    Pros----------------------------------------------- Cons
    Amazing early game damage.------- Wont get through PvE content as
    Great partner skill Demoralize,--------- fast as Paladins.
    a real game changer.--------- No heals/ self sustain
    Good Finnisher move that ignores-------- Paladins are alot better mid game
    Rules late game.---------

    In my opinion, both of these classes are amazing, they both have their ups and downs. Paladins
    are all for long fights with their heal and Dodge/Block enhancer skills, whilst Berserkers
    are looking for a quick fight without getting touched, Tornado blow does the job nicely.

    Early game I give the edge to :Berserkers.

    Mid game I give the edge to : Paladins.

    End game I give the edge to : Berserkers.

    Keep in mind though, mid game lasts alot longer than early and end game and whilst Berserkers
    will usually be triumphant in battle, if the Paladin can clear a new level of zodiac before
    the berserker, he could use that skill to be able to win fights.

    Section II: Skills

    First of all i'll look at the Berserkers skills and then the Paladins.

    Berserker Skills

    Pro --------------------------------------------------- Con
    Wrathstrike deals alot of damage, also lowering defense ------------- Single target.
    for further attacks. A nice Wrathstrike followed by a Nyssa--------------
    attack will really hurt someone.---------

    Valiant banner:
    Pro-------------------------------------------------------- Con
    Valiant banner is an all around good skill, additional damage for the--------------- No cons.
    Whole party right.. This skill followed by a berserker claws hit can----------------
    do some serious damage.-

    Tornado blow:
    Pro------------------------------------------------- Con
    Tornado blow is the highest damage dealing skill that a berserker------------------------------ Single target.

    Pro-------------------------------------------- Con
    Here is where the fun starts... stopping people from raging. Good in--------------------------------- No cons.
    PvP and PvE. An all around good skill.

    Fatal blow:
    Pro----------------------------------------- Con
    Ignores enemy defense. ----------------------------- Not much damage %.

    Blade storm
    Pro------------------------------------------------- Con
    Berserkers only aoe skill, helps alot in eternal spire .----------------------------- Low damage

    Paladin Skills.

    i've already covered Wrathstrike and valiant banner in berserker section. They're skills used by knights
    in general.

    Shield Slam:
    Pro----------------------------------------------------- Con
    Great single target attack for PvE and PvP.-------------------------------- Single target

    Shield Block:
    Pro ------------------------------------------------------ Con
    Amazing block and dodge boost, great for PvE and PvP-------------------------------------- No con

    Frenzied regen
    Pro----------------------------------------------------- Con
    Provides an amazing heal that benefits both PvP and PvE.( This skill makes other---------------- No con.
    classes rage)

    Thunder clap:
    Pro------------------------------------------------- Con
    Second best aoe attack in game, in my opinion, attacks all of a row------------------------ Not as much damage as Shield Slam.
    with decent damage.
    For skills, I give the edge to Paladins with their great mix of survivability and offense.

    Section III:Eternal Spire and Zodiac

    For Eternal Spire and Zodiac, there isn't really much guidance anyone can give you. The best guidance
    someone can offer you is " Stack up on dodge gems and get lucky"

    Common questions with Eternal and Zodiac:
    What gems should I use?

    In Eternal Spire and Zodiac, the mobs use physical attacks so magic defense gems aren't that good at this
    stage. The optimal gem setup would be PATK/HP/PDEF/DODGE/CRIT, that's also in order of importance.

    Which Aegis skill should I be using to pass the next level?

    In my personal experience, I find that at a lower evel, Cancer, Virgo and Leo skills can be awesome to
    clear PvE content but the best skill is later on when you manage to unlock saggitarius, it's sort of a mix
    between cancer and virgo. It makes them not attack you and they damage each other.

    What's the best skills to use in Eternal and Zodiac as a Knight?

    For Paladins, the optimal setup in most cases would be Thunder Clap, Shield Block and Frenzied regen,
    this skill setup thrives with survivability and aoe damage, this is the setup you use to survive so your
    angel or heros can do some serious damage.

    as for Berserkers, the optimal setup in most cases would be Bladestorm, Demoralize and Fatal Blow.
    Ths skill setup thrives on aoe damage and stopping the mobs from raging.. sometimes one rage attack
    from a skill that hits all party members can make your day a whole lot worse.

    Section IIII: Main character building

    First off, I'll be teaching how to build your main character from early game , then to mid game, then to late game.

    At early game, 1- 55, You will be wanting to spend ALL of your blessed stones and all of your soulstones on your mount.
    This early in the game, you will also be wanting to keep all gems to yourself. and you will also be wanting them all to be 100% success rate, gems at this stage of the game are vital and every bonus matters. The most optimal gem setup for this stage of the game is Patk,HP, PDEF, MDEF AND DODGE/Crit. Focus on these gems in order of importance and you will be on your way to owning people.
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    Keep in mind, this is a guide in progress, I've only published it now so people can tell me what they want added and tell me if I have any wrong information.
    Crystal Saga II
    Server :S4

    Class :Rogue

    IGN: ????