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LOA alchemy

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  • LOA alchemy

    every time there is an alchemy bonus in the events, i can NEVER get anything more than for "spend 10 diamonds" ... i use laser to clear fish, thats 100d, can't collect the "100d" alchemy bonus, use to clear cd in spire?? no alchemy bonus... i spend 150 in wedding party? no alchemy bonus... i really wish someone would clear this problem, otherwise there's no reason for me to keep wasting real cash
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    Lets move this to LOA, shall we?
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      U get alchemy rewards from doing alchemy, not laser, wedding ect. :P
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        specifically, the bonus is for spending the specified amount in alchemy in a single attempt. So "spend 10 diamonds" is 1 extra alchemy attempt, but "spend 50 diamonds" requires you to spend a total of 150 diamonds on five attempts to get the cost up to 50, since the cost per attempt is 10, 20, 30, 40, then 50.


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          the alchemy hot event says
          spend 10d at once to get...
          spend 50d at once to get...
          spend 100d at once to get...
          ect..... NO WHERE does is say that spending d on somthing doesn't count


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            u didnt see ALCHEMY EVENT


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              seeing how it says "Alchemize to earn glorious rewards" then you would need to do alchemy to get them.


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                90% of cashers in this game - braindead ppl . TS as an example .