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  • Royal Armor of Ruin & God Armors

    For those of us who have Royal Ruin armor what is our upgrade path? Upon looking all I can find is upgrade to heroritic armors. (Helm boots and greaves) The other 3 are not upgradable at all. The armor isn't selectable to upgrade to eterinity normal or Royal Eternity Armors. So upon upgrading to lvl 80 gear you break your sets and lose buffs. Losing +25 rage is huge! Will a path be provided for us in a future update? Also once a player equips all god armors he loses agi, damage, and rage buffs. Shouldn't there be different buffs for all god armors like the normal armors have?
    S8 Captive Amore
    IGN Legioness
    Lvl 99 Sorcerer