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  • chat bug

    why in chat world,guilde,team and PM you cant type .com when you share a link whit someone there is no .com so link doesent work.
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    You have to put the .com yourself.
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      I don't think its a bug. Sometimes, even some sites won't allow you to share link through the chat, to prevent spamming and such. To share a link with your friend its easier to use private chat.
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        This is not a bug, It's to prevent unaware players from entering harmful websites, advertising spam etc.

        ( just in case you missed them the first time )


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          Hello GM my char full BUG i am lost 20k + BR in 20 to 30 day Plz Sir chek MY ALL HEROS and i am lost 40k HP in my main hero Deathnight wariorr
          Plzz sir replay me fast
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