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Bug Report Mega-Thread: League of Angels

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  • Bug Report Mega-Thread: League of Angels

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    In this thread, we will collect information for any bug or game issue in League of Angels. Please read this post in its entirety and check if your issue has already been reported before posting. Our goal is to facilitate bug reports effectively and understanding how to use this thread will help expedite issue reports.

    The purpose of this thread

    The purpose of this thread is to provide one place for reported and confirmed bugs as well as supporting information. This thread will include one example of each bug or glitch, along with documentation, a clear description, and other various supporting information. This will enable all of our players to know that a bug has been reported and acknowledged.

    Players are asked to open a supporting thread (or link an existing one if it exists) to give players a place to expand on the original report and provide additional information. If someone has submitted your issue successfully, please visit the accompanying link and post your information there.

    How to submit an issue on this thread

    When reporting a bug, there are a few pieces of information that are completely necessary. Also, please report only one bug per post. If you need to report more than one bug, report each bug in a separate post. *Please note* Your request will be deleted if it does not include ALL of the following information:

    -A screenshot clearly displaying the issue: The nature of most bugs require a screenshot or video. We realize that getting a screenshot or video after the fact is impossible, so we want to get all of our players in the habit to hit that “screen capture” button if they notice something out of the ordinary. If you require a tutorial on an easy-to-use Screenshot program, you can visit our guide here: You can find a tutorial on a video capture program here:

    -Character information: We need to check your character data, and this should be included with your preliminary report. Please include your character name, server, server timezone, and platform (Kabam, R2, Kongregate, Armor, etc).

    -A clear description of the problem: What server date and time did this happen? What game function is this in? What steps do we need to take to reproduce this bug? Did you notice anything else out of the ordinary? (These are just some of the questions that help paint a full picture of a bug report.

    -A link to a supporting thread for this issue: whether you need to create a thread or someone already has, we want to give players (and us!) a place to talk about bugs more at length and provide additional evidence to support a report. If a thread about this issue exists, please include it. If not, we either encourage you to make a separate thread for this purpose or have our Moderators add the link after your submission has been posted.

    Some things to remember

    This is a place for bug reporting and collection, so please only include necessary information in your report. Please refrain from expressing your frustrations, requesting updates, slander, or anything not specific to reporting a bug. We want to do our best at fixing all issues, and this means handling issues of high priority first. We always prioritize game-breaking issues as first to fix, and then lower priorities as the problem becomes less severe; fixes of low priority issues will be slower than an issue that “breaks the game”.

    We can rarely provide a timeline for a fix or compensation. We always want to fix issues sooner rather than later, but timelines may come down to “we’re working on it”. We need to confirm and identify a bug, suggest a potential fix, and then wait for a fix to be implemented. We will not give timelines for fixes or compensation until a fix has been made or compensation has been decided, and will be announced through official game channels.

    Any updates from R2 staff, Mentors/Vets, GMs, or Moderators will be done so on the supporting thread and may be sporadic. Please be patient with all GMs or Moderators as we are typically dealing with multiple issues simultaneously. We pass on information from other parties to our players, so everything we know, you know. If you don’t get an update after a few days, poke one of us for an update!

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    Current Issues

    Below is a list of the current, confirmed issues. If you are experiencing one of the problems below, please click the corresponding link to add your information.

    Tarot question bug

    Resolved Issues
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      still cant collect TT reward after reset and after the 1st TA today, can you help me mods?
      and the funny thing is eventough we won that CS TT but on server rewards, all players on S14 can only claim top 64 rewards..wth -.-a ..i send the screenshot..
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        i cant find my ticket number on support page...geez if this new update things make the whole things ruined better put it back to old one -.-a Click image for larger version

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          no ticket number, or even acknowledgment of a ticket under new system


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            ok, from saved page, submitted ticket again, using the old ticket system, got confirmation, and ticket number, so, need to submit ticket to fix new ticket system


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              Dark Abyss Issues on S2

              Having issues with Dark Abyss on S2, after an attack is won the message gives undefined stars and multiplier then freezes and the game needs to be refreshed. Also experienced database errors and not being able to initiate a fight by clicking on the button.Click image for larger version

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              League of Angels
              Character: VileSpark
              Server: S2


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                Dark Abyss glitch since 2 days now. So posting a SS here and hoping to get solved soon, cause I am unable to rank anything since last 2 days now. Kindly fix this asap. Thank you.
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                  my craft event is blank after i tried to use the most expensive of them not knowing i couldt afford it. so now i cant explore anything in it :S


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                    I'm missing 130 craft master exploration points after using 13 Craft Energy Cards and I'm not the only one who experienced this happening on S185 Majestic Rampart. ign on that server is Chialia Rose. Btw I used one more Craft Energy card hoping that it would push the other 13 through and I only ended up with my energy showing 90(50 initial, plus 30 from voucher purchase, plus the 10 from ONE Craft Energy Card, and I should have a total of 220 showing....and I don't) I can't even take a screen shot because every time I try I open up the character page instead for some reason. - Server time between 0200 and 0400 when I used those cards.
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                      I've experienced the same thing early in the morning. I used 12 craft master energy cards and I received +0 energy points... I didn't select anyv area to explore before doing that, but I guess it wasn't necessary. After the message "Energy +0" or something like that, I refreshed the browser hoping the cards would appear back in order to use them, but i


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                        I selected an area to explore and used several craft master energy cards, but no energy showed up.


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                          Why did i always get this ???????


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                            Having issues with Dark Abyss on [S241] Heavenly Fields , after an attack is won the message gives undefined stars and multiplier then freezes and the game needs to be refreshed. Also experienced database errors and not being able to initiate a fight by clicking on the button.

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                              It says unmet requirement. I am in the burnish tab and trying to burnish. Yet the game tells me to "burnish some more to develop an aura"... this is really funny comment from the game. What do you think I am trying to do, make pizza? I am trying to burnish, I already got enough grotto hearts. And I want to burnish. But this message shows up every time. Kindly fix this bug. TY
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