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  • today, when my divine realm's exp is 111505 and my stamina is 250, i blitzed in Helheim's battleaxe abyss in divine realm 28 times at one go at 9.23am. i want to level up second time today to collect divine realm equipments from divine realm event in hot events. After the blitzes finished, i then go back to the divine realm, i saw my divine realm exp is still 111505. I didn't use stamina for fairy exploration, loop quests, bonding quests and killing monster in elemental zone.
    You can see my stamina is 110 after i started blitzing and my exp is 111505 before the blitzes end.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	divinerealmexpbeforeblitz.jpg
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ID:	1729384
    You can see i blitzed in Helheim's Battleaxe abyss.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	blitzing.jpg
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    You can see my exp is still 111505 after the blitzes end, i didn't/haven't use my stamina for fairy exploration, loop quests, bonding quests and killing monsters in elemental zone.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	divinerealmexpafterblitz.jpg
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    I even have not collect and use the compensation
    Click image for larger version

Name:	havenotusecompensatedstamina.jpg
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    I even have not use stamina cards
    Click image for larger version

Name:	havenotusestaminacard1.jpg
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ID:	1729408
    I got more proof:
    This is the second time i didn't gain divine realm's exp after i blitzed in divine realm, the first time was yesterday but i forgot how many times i blitzed at one go, i think is 3 to 4 times and i had submitted a ticket. i think it will be better if i post this bug here.
    IGN: WenZhong
    Platform: R2games
    Server: [S300] Witchlight Forest/UA87
    Browser: Mozilla Firefox
    OS: Windows 7
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    • I lost my character Server 7 name Haku lvl 37,after relogin the game started from scratch.
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      • recharge not working on s326 murky mountains, would be nice if you could fix it today since i did recharge for events,,,, you going to comp me on what i am missing out ??

        server: 326 murky mountains
        IGN: butterflylov
        level 86


        • Last day 23 3 2017

          Ty f your help
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          • Hot Event issues..

            for Last day 23 3 2017 :

            I Can not collect anything from Hot Events.
            No screen, u can use game log to help me if u need.

            I'm not the only one who had this issues last day with Hot Events.

            + had issues: game sad - Database erorrr.. many times.

            So I lost all f a day - collections+ 80 Stamina. How to get it?
            24.3.17 - I can hardly collect Hot Event - but ater 5-8 times kik same "collect!"
            first 3 times - game say - "u've collected" and not give any.. after 4-6 times I collected items.. lol
            Why it became sooo Hard to collect in Hot Events?

            Server S289
            R2Games platform
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            • please i need Repairing world boss , i can not hit


              • This thread is closed, to report your issue you may create a thread in this section.
                Please note that providing character and server information together with clear description of issue and screenshots helps a lot with reporting and fixing your issues and bugs.