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Hoc Draw don;t work after achieving 3100 points in last day of the event.

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  • Hoc Draw don;t work after achieving 3100 points in last day of the event.

    Ian 16 la 12:10 PM Hi.It's logical that you cannot find record of using card lotto because. THE BUTTON 'DRAW'' FROM House of Crads STOP WORKING AFTER I REACHED 3100 POINTS. As I said in the ticket, i want my 410 Card lotto Vouchers back .

    Subject: Cannot use Card Lotto vouchers
    JAN 16, 2018 | 11:01AM CET
    R2 Henry Yu replied:

    Thanks for contacting us.
    We check your record of using Card Lotto vouchers.
    But we cannot find the record. We can only find the record of getting Card Lotto vouchers

    -The R2Games Team

    How helpful was your Support Elf ? (Please Note, this is simply for rating the support you have received, not for providing R2 Games with additional information concerning your ticket.
    JAN 16, 2018 | 07:34AM CET
    Original message

    Hi. Yesterday I have used from my inventory 461 Card Lotto vouchers for the House of cards event. I used 62 Card lotto vouchers and then the button from 'DRAW' did not work anymoore. I calculated so I can get the 1-st prize which was 28000 points there fore I want compensation or my Card lotto vouchers back. Now, remaining 400 Card lotto vouchers are not anymoore in my inventory, either in the game event-House of Cards
    This message was sent to in reference to Case #: 668269.

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    Good evening. Please, check your PM. From what you posted here I did not get if you want to complain about the reply you got or you want help with your issue.

    EDIT: Hello. Issue has been reported again and reforwarded. As soon as a reply is handed in to me, I will post it here. Thanks for the patience you have for issue to be sorted out.
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