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  • slayerofall
    started a topic TA broken

    TA broken

    Ta still down after 6 days , also missing gold and amulets, also now a character missing from my inventory. No screen shot of character missing as it has gone and I dont have a previous scren shot of lord skyscream in my inventory. AS I KEEP ON STATING SCREEN SHOTS OF MISSING , CHARACTERS EQUIPMENT ARE JUST POINTLESS THEY PROVE NOTHING

  • Sidhe
    Hello. For all the issues you seem to have, please follow the required steps for a report so that everything can be properly reported and forwarded to support team. You seem to think a moderator has super powers and he/she can guess or find out the needed information using a crystal ball. Post your data (IGN, server name and number), give details about the issues you are facing, add screenshots to document them. I would also suggest you to submit a ticket to support following this link: . Thank you.

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