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Mixed up items on Gem Fusion Transactions Event

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  • Mixed up items on Gem Fusion Transactions Event

    I dont know if this have been raised already but i would like to be sure.

    Click image for larger version

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    Which should I follow in order to get swap for HP+MATK? The description on the left or the pop-up description?

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    on the left is the item required, the pop up screen is the gem you will get when you swap.

    It may be a good idea to follow both =)


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      so if i want to get HP+MATK, I must have a LVL6 HP and a LVL6 PATK ???
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        ya but you can cycle them through, so any level 6 fusion gem you have you can basically keep swapping til you get what you what, but only get 1 swap a day


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          what is typed in words is what you need to have to exchange, and the picture of the gem shown is what you would be trading for. So if you have a lvl 6 phy attack/hp gem, you can trade it for the lvl 6 mag attack/hp gem. All the event is for is just swapping fusion gems for other type of fusion gems since you cant exchange them yet in the forge.