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    Originally posted by Alkaris View Post
    Its place to ask about game, not compensations.
    i submitted a ticket to ask whether we will get compensation after the fix for the bug that is affecting the whole server and not asking for compensation, R2Hendry Yu says they hadn't been reported with this bug and asked whether it is affecting the whole server when i already told them, so i told them again it is affecting the whole server again, he said the issue had been forwarded to the games development team and now i still got no answers. i also asked them for a yes or no and i also have waited patiently.


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      Hello. I would really like you to be more specific about what compensation you asked for it is all about - so that I can help with it. Also, if you have submitted a ticket or multiple tickets as you say, please be so kind and come with the ticket case number, in PM. It would be really appreciated, too, to not spam around with the same post, in different sections of the forum; "Power-posting, spamming, bumping, and flaming will result in the post being removed without notice." Thank you.
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      REQUIRED INFO: Please don't forget to provide your in-game name/IGN, server name and number and also screen shots for the issues & problems experienced.


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        i didn't see you wrote "pm".
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          Originally posted by R210496643 View Post
          1)Who knows if shield of preservation +5 really gain all party members immunity to all debuffs for 1 turn? because shield of preservation +4 says upgrade to mythic to gain all party members immunity to all debuffs for 1 turn and shield of preservation +5 says a 50% chance to gain all party members immunity to all debuffs for 1 turn
          Actual description of item is above of any possible other sources of description.

          2)Is this year's new year's event counted as last year's year-end review?

          3)Who can tell me we must follow the words in the black rectangle or follow the words in the blue rectangle 1 more attempt in diamond roulette?
          Words in black shows per how much recharge/spending amount you will receive additional attempts. Words in blue how much left for you to recharge/spend to get additional attempts.


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            can we blitz tidal pool's 2 school of fishes at anytime after 12pm (server time) if i didn't blitz the first school of fish before 12pm (server time)?