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  • Suggestion to Lucky Tree Coins

    Hello to all,
    Regards to Lucky Tree, I have concerns with "How a person be it commoners (FP) or mid cashers or high cashers is going to purchase things in shop that worth 50,000 lucky coins and more??

    To be honest, mid-cashers lets say, they top up and roll-over more than 30,000 + diamonds used up in lucky tree. From my view-point, the 30k did not do much in getting those so called, Lucky Coins*. This is an estimation only, 10000 probably less than 3,000 - 3500 lucky coins. 20000 = ?, 30000 = ... ?

    Even A* Simple Outfit of Character .. the number of lucky coins needed is insane with the least least least coins is 10,000... In light of the situation, ...

    "To whom it may concern, Please ... NOT ONLY DO a review / replacement check on your old items placed in Lucky Tree Shop with such un-desirable amount of coins exchange -- Also, Find Ways to increase number of lucky coins to match up with your "5 - 0s items (Old Items) and New Items --

    I shall be direct, this is getting obnoxious! Come out from your comfort zone, WAKE UP CALL... ~BE REASONABLE & DO NOT be OverLy-Cash minded... instead -- Be the Balancer

    ISSUE NO.1 : Is 100,000 diamonds really enough to get us to at least purchase 50,000 coins ?
    Commoners = 50,000 lucky coins, i don't think 10 years will shine any light to them.
    Mid-Cashers = 50,000 lucky coins, months of accumulation?
    High-Cashers = Needless to say, they will get the instant what they need. Amount of diamonds needed is classified, perhaps?

    ISSUE NO.2 : I don't know what is "OLD items" means to you in Lucky Tree Shop, but you see.. definitely hefty .. Try to be in our shoes --

    Last word of advice IF you are trying to get solutions in implementing Lucky Coins like Lucky Capsules ( Spent certain diamonds , get certain no. of coins ), or Precious Pro, don't even think about it ! Amount top up and what we get depends the reasonable amount You input. So you know,, we do computations 2, ...

    Thanks for listening!

    R2 Games ; S2-Sylvia's Copse

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    Its either accumulation of needed amount or waiting for needed item to appear in other events where accumulation of needed amount is easier. Premium(casher items) are not supposed to be easy to obtain, its either you are cashing for it or waiting pretty long period of time to get it. Thats how such types of games usually works and its model most likely will not change.


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      well, okays. I will rack up then Bless me