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  • Q's about banners

    Finnaly i have all 6 banners !

    I've trained them up for 1'st lvl of combo !!
    So the stat that i'm interested is Guardian Angel Bonus +4%
    my stats
    without banners -> Angel Artifacts 3.41m

    with banners -> Guard Angel 3.58, AA the same, BR the same (by me it should rise by br ~1-4m min)
    1. My question will be !!! Is it rissing any br other than main stats(from banner evolution) -> Guardian Angel Bonus +%
    2. can banners be recycled ? materials ?
    3. will Synth previous materials(evolution level)
    4. Are banners diffrent ? random stats each ?
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    You mean that you have 6 different types of banner equipped? Cause that is one of requierement of combo. If it possible better provide screenshot so i can see situation more clear.
    1) Should be working after today update according to announcement.
    2) And same about recycle.
    3) Sorry, can you rephrase it or show with screenshot? Despite me thinking that im pretty good in English, its not my native and i cant understand some sentences, this is one of them.
    4) Yes, they have different stats. Not all though.
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