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alts in ss tycoon

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  • alts in ss tycoon

    makes me angry people using alts to block others in ss tycoon on my server s257 ua65

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    well, alts are allowed so everyone has right to play them as wanted especialy if they recharging on them , though, some ppl use other players chars to block other events to get start ahaead on tycoon events and drain other players resources while saving owns, that is problem
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      Some people are just impolite enough to win tycoon with their alts.
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        This is an issue faced by many on all servers. The truth is the devs dont care about the cheating being done by these alts. But try and use them on forum and you get a ban ( double standerds ) Yes it`s getting out of hand and becoming a joke now. Another fact the devs dont care about loa most support is now for loa 2-3.. 10 active real players on our server the rest are alts ( cheats )