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Compensation for players who are on vip10

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  • Compensation for players who are on vip10

    Yet again our fearless devs have come up with the goods and almost lost out on their well deserved weekend off.

    The above statement is pure sarcasm.
    Shall we go back to the last cs tycoon fiasco where on some worlds it died a day early , so those players lost out on their tycoon rankings.
    After a lot of mail , the mentors ( many thanx , great job ) got our overall rankings back. Which was better than nothing as we also lost out on our resource rankings and as we all now in CS Tycoon part of the resources prize is diamonds consumed a commodity we pay for, and we lost out on that.

    Back to the real story.
    Hurrah we can get back into game again after being locked out for 2 days. Yes two days of missing dais if you PAY FOR A VIP and also our monthly card which we also lost out on , hows about sorting that out.
    Or is that asking to much as it we pay for it ?

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    would not hold your breath on that one, I was unable to log in for two weeks after a stupid log in page update the fault of the devs not the players and I received no compensation at all. that was 2 years ago and since that complete fiasco caused by these supposed developer's I stop paying any thing in to this badly ran game. One thing you can work out from all these bugs and situations you have experienced is the simple fact the devs don't give a dam about the players...true fact