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The 7th Cross-Server Team Tournament Coming November 20th!

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    dunno if only me saw that but always on right side they put weaknes team and on left side put fight strongest team
    and that hapened in each tt


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      Just lost the first round of knockout round because we could only tie 4-4 each battle. We were the team higher (the attacker) in the bracket. Also lost individual fights because of timeouts, again because we were the attacker. So timeout led to tie led to loss. That just makes no sense, in TT or anywhere. This needs to change where your placement in the bracket is the primary factor in winning or losing. With so much healing, high dodge, respawn, so many fights just time out. A system based on damage caused, or SOMETHING that players have control over should be used. And fights should go much longer that 25 or however many rounds it is now. This would require a skip button because no one will want to watch those long fights, heck we don't want to watch the fights now when they time out. Some sour grapes over the loss, since royal marks are on the line, but just frustrated to lose because of timeouts and ties because we happened to be placed higher in the bracket