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Magical Chopsticks in Craft Master!

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    Lol. You have multiple attemprs to explore???
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      Originally posted by gemmi View Post
      the game is a business, they are allowed to have events more geared towards cashers and they do. If you dont like the event, then dont do it. I rather like the crafting materials you get with free energy and energy from vouchers. There are plenty of events, including this one that there is free energy but if you want the really good rewards, then yes, you gotta spend or in other events, save. Free players (and yes, i am including myself) need to quit complaining about every event being casher only and be happy that you get free energy, free event vouchers, free spins, free resources or whatever it is used in the events. They could make the events cash only and you dont get anything free. If you want the best rewards in every event, its not gonna come free and that wont change. You either need cash or you need time and patience. If you dont like that, then no one is forcing you to do the events or even play the game. It gets really irritating with every event released whether its new or a recurring event, having someone complain about not getting everything cashers get at the same time or as easy, but thats the benefit of someone cashing. It wont change.
      if u dont like comments or suggestions ... maybe they should close this forum ... what it is for then...???? whats this. ...u irritate of complaints ... lol .. then don t read or comment ... who ask u ???... i wanna play this game... as many others not with diamonds... and it is my option ,,,, not your to give that stupid answer...
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