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Ban Announcement: In-game Breach Found, Action Taken

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  • Ban Announcement: In-game Breach Found, Action Taken

    Dear players,

    Thanks to your reports, the developers were able to pinpoint an in-game breach and have fixed it. However, logs show that various players were abusing this hack to acquire resources. Those players have since been banned.

    If you have been banned and believe you have been wrongly accused, please get in touch with our support team. We will then investigate your account in detail to make sure you were not banned in error.

    Thank you all again for helping us keep the game fair for all players.

    LoA Team

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    Great googly moogly.
    This Forum Admin is no more. He has ceased to be. He's expired and gone on to other work. He's a stiff. If R2 hadn't ignored him he'd still be employed. Bereft of work he lives in peace. His forum duties are now history. He's off the twig, he's kicked the bucket, he's shuffled off these forums, run down the thread count, and joined the ex-R2Games Employees Club. This is an ex-Forum Admin.


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      Hope they checked all of the servers


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        i hope too

        And something else...can we have more details?or is it forbiden to personaly id like to know whom and what servers were found,especialy whom was those players...


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          i think we all do want to hear names
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            yesss give us the wall of shame!!!!


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              Originally posted by den0ne View Post
              yesss give us the wall of shame!!!!
              Its not going to happen.
              We are not disclosing any information about people, who were banned, to prevent witch hunting, and other reasons.