New Hero Sibyl & Mount Sly Bat Come for Halloween!

As Halloween is approaching, new Hero Sibyl and new Mount Sly Bat comes from afar to meet the brave warriors on Angels' Land. They like to play tricks with people and scary them away. Every year, they appear to maintain order during the Halloween night. Let's know more about this new powerful hero and mount.

Sibyl is a Heavy Striker hero with a unique skill called "Witch Craft", which can reduces all enemies' ATK, DEF and AGI by 30%, lasts 3 turns, and deals ATK to an enemy and 30% splash damage to adjacent enemies, this attack always crits, ignoring DEF. 100% chance to hit targets. Immune to stun, silence, chaos.

Sly Bat When night night comes, it's the best time for bats to travel. New mount Sly Bat comes to League of Angels to assist warriors in battle. Sly Bat has extraordinary hearing and tracking ability, which makes him an assistant in battle.

From Oct. 20th to Oct. 25th, the top 6 players in the overall Cross-Server Resource Tycoon rankings will be able to take new Hero Sibyl to their squad, and top 1 player can get the new mount Sly Bat as an extra reward! In order to rank higher in the fierce competition, players should collect as many resources as they can to earn points. Join League of Angels now and enjoy the simple joy!