SS Resource Tycoon: New Angel Hakucho Comes to Fight on Your Side!

Hakucho, the "Pale Wave" carrier is finally here, ready to join your party and fight alongside your heroes. Fight for her in this coming Single-Sever Resource Tycoon which will last from November 10th to November 15th!

Here are some of the rewards we can reveal for you, for Ranks 1, 2 and 3.

Rank 1:
  • Hakucho's Icon*1, (L4) Azure Fury*1; Lvl. 11 Angel Essence Chest*1; Golden Color(23#)* 1, Tycoon Certificate*6, Lvl. 14 Fusion Gem Chest*1, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*4;

Rank 2-3:
  • Mesembria's Icon*1, (L3) Missional Prometheus' Greaves*1, Lvl. 10 Angel Essence Chest*1, Knight Crystal (22#)*1; Tycoon Certificate*4, Lvl. 13 Fusion Gem Chest*2, Lvl. 9 Armament Crystal Chest*s
Have fun and best of luck with the tycoon, to you all!