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Weekend Events: Chance to Earn Past Event Prizes

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  • Weekend Events: Chance to Earn Past Event Prizes

    Loop Recharge Reward
    Duration: 1/24 – 1/26
    Description: Collect your Tycoon's Chest in the Recharge Reward menu every time you recharge 1000 Diamonds!
    Open the chest to receive one of the following: Tycoon Prize, Gold, Vouchers, Synth Scrolls, Soulstones, Basic Energy Card (10) and Aegis Shards.

    Tycoon Prize Exchange
    Duration: 1/24 – 1/26
    Redeem Tycoon Prizes for great items in the Hot Events menu! Tycoon Prizes have a chance to be found in the Tycoon's Chest. Collect a Tycoon's Chest each time you recharge 1000 Diamonds!

    Reward List:
    Claudia’s Icon
    Santa Clothes
    Mysteral Wings
    Imperial Stallion Soul
    Seraphim Wings
    3-in-1 Special Pack

    1.Stats from identical costumes or mounts do not stack.
    2. Repeated purchases of the identical costumes or mounts will not be refunded.

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    if you recharge 4k diamonds for example, do you get 4 tycoon chests or do you have to recharge 1k diamonds every single time?


    • #3
      I recharged 10,000 diamonds after event started and got no chests.


      • #4
        so the chest will only give u one random item from the list?


        • #5
          The chest will give you a random chance to get a token in which to exchange for a prize, where some prizes require 1 token, some require 5, and so on.

          Recharging 10k may only get you 1 actual token, not 10.

          Otherwise you may receive the other prizes mentioned in OP, such as Energy card etc.
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            I would just like to know when there is going to be an event where you do not need to spend alot of money, eg., as in no money, i have played other games from r2 where events are are fair to ALL players.


            • #7
              Biggest ripoff, i've opened 34 chests and not a single tycoon reward was given.