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Groundhog Day: Up to 90% off & Chance to win Angel Angelina

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    I am say the least. What is R2 Games trying to proof with this event ?
    Your advertising that you can "WIN" Angel Angelina is outright FALSE. There is no way that you can Win this Angel. It is almost impossible..even for cash player to get it.
    I got scammed with it..i bought the chart, beliving that i would be lucky and get the Angel. But what i got is a totally useless shard and i spend hard to get Vouchers on..i can not even sell it.
    Cash Payer who pay diamonds are the real losers.
    I demand that you refund me on the purchase and take that Icon out of my inventory, as it just make me angry looking at it. To make false advertising is FRAUD and punishable by law in all civilized Countries.
    It may was an honest mistake by R2..but it is still illegal. Please compensate me for it. Unfortunately, i live in Cambodia and are unable to purchase online with R2 (PayPal not accepted from Cambodia and Western Union is to expensive).
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      Originally posted by LiuboD View Post
      All of the prices are unreal. This is maybe the most expensive browser game... The prices should be at least twice down... For 20$ you can't buy almost nothing...
      nope, the most expensive is still the almighty wartune. $1,000 for a mount (the most expensive pixel in the world)
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        Originally posted by BlackWariors View Post
        OMG many people cry about event ?

        please think again before you accuse the r2games
        Try Thinking there is little if no event is how many dollars you must spend to buy the item at the shop
        Actuality R2games are ready give Free Cash For Use
        Like this 300 VOucer Daily for cange to Apple and rate pay use diamon are same with Use voucer
        So event is start in 7 day 300x7= 2200 Aple your got before this event finis

        Lts remember More rate Price aple is use diamon and VOucer are same so your got 2200 Diamon IN Free for this Week
        See Price Of 2,2k DIamon
        Maybe your need pay 20$+5$ to get this All

        OK Your Wanna Cry to ABout Discount just start in 10-15% lol
        please you read first What Conditions to Get 90% discount on this event
        That is said Need Save More To get up Discount Be 90%

        First off your thinking is way off. They are not giving us anything extra by letting us use vouchers for this. We could buy socketing rods, synth scrolls and time skip scrolls and other things with vouchers before this event, all these could also buy with diamonds. Only thing extra R2games is giving us is 50 apples a day for so they can defraud us with a false event.

        And that save more button is a big ripoff also. spend 210 apples and the discount is maybe if your lucky 25% because it goes down then backup in price, plus they have a lowest price setting. best discount i have been able to get was 28% then it said lowest price and would not go down anymore. this ment after spending apples to lower the price i was paying more then if I had not tried to lower the price
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          It's a cash grab scam similar to the way scratch off tickets work with the lottery. Sure, you can win it big but just like those scratch off tickets, you have a one in # chance of winning big. It's totally random but trust me when I say that the odds of you or anyone getting anywhere near 90% is slim to none. They even discourage players from doing so by two ways. One, a chance & by the odds I've had with it, a VERY high chance that your next save more activation will make the discount decrease instead of increase. Secondly, each time you activate the save more feature, the amounts of apples required goes UP. So yes, this has all the workings of a scam. It just goes about it in a way that doesn't make it illegal. It only makes fools out of those thinking they are truly saving. Marketing 101.

          For the record, I ran a test to see how high I could get using the free apples you get via vouchers. After 8 attempts at using the save more feature, the highest I got was 24%. That was over 300 apples spent.

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            Only thing i bought from it was fashion cores since there's no bloody cross-server!!! lol