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    Originally posted by Dhante1 View Post
    i was on during the prize reward at 22.00 at tycoon event but was not able to collect in tycoon, yet i was able to get in soulstone and angel tears. I was ranked in tycoon.
    you got the 22:00 prize once you reach total point at least 18000pts


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        Server 42 (Paradise Lost)

        Hate to say it, but I gotta point out some errors here, guys.
        #1 - the minimum pts for tycoon is 18000, not 20000. the maximum one is 42000, not 38000.
        #2 - The sign in Hot Events says "Join Clash of Might, win Aegis shards." but there is no prize of aegis shards for COM, only bless stones and synth scrolls.
        #3 - The announcement says prize for 1000 fishing pts is 90, when it is actually 30.

        I have pics if needed to assist!
        Thanks for ur time!


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          hey, R2,,, can you give the new mount floe, for the top 3 rank ? to reach 42000pts, it really spend a lot of $ too, and its wasted if we can not get the new mount for top 3 rank. we are trying to reach 42000 even its so high, and we are not sure to reached 42000 in the end,,,

          Click image for larger version

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          this is our latest score tonight,,, we are might stop spending more diamonds to get 42000 and let the rank #1 get the prize,,, since new mount just available for 1st rank only,,,
          we appreciate your hardwork by spend some $ for your events,,, can you also appreciated us too ?
          this current tycoon event, is too expensive and just give 1 floe for the 1st rank only =(


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            if you keep giving us the event like this, that getting more expensive and more,,, it simply telling us that you dont care to us and dont appreciated us, who keep spend $ for this game,,,


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              Click image for larger version

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              After all who says LIES on the Floe Hunter Status ? The Forum or the Game which is the Official status? tell us the truth


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                If I collect some Incinerator shards from Djinni, when she come back will it be possible to collect more?
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                  Last event I spend on until I see amora and that will be the last thing I get...absurd prices tbh...even for a relatively heavy spender such as myself...i dont mind dropping 500 into an event if the rewards are worth it, but nah, I mean look at the rewards for the 400 dollar top joke
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                    pff they did the same with the wedding Dress is usually, they dont know the Status from some stuff
                    Originally posted by SpecialKiD View Post

                    After all who says LIES on the Floe Hunter Status ? The Forum or the Game which is the Official status? tell us the truth
                    Character Name: NikiCross

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