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Elite Eternal Spire & Equipment Enchantment (Coming Soon)

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  • Elite Eternal Spire & Equipment Enchantment (Coming Soon)


    1. Equipment enchantment unlocks at Level 55. Lvl. 40+ legendary equipment or higher can be enchanted.
    2. There are 12 types of enchantment materials, all of which can be obtained from the Elite Dungeons of Eternal Spire.
    3. Each enchantment will increase the equipment stats by a certain percentage of the base stats.

    Enchanting Stones

    - An "Enchanting Stone" is the item used for enchanting equipment. They are used to raise the "Enchanting points" of the equipment. Every time you use an Enchanting Stone, the equipment has a chance to be successfully Enchanted. The chance of enchantment is based on the amount of Enchanting points the equipment has.
    - There are 12 types of Enchanting Stone, Basic Weapon Enchanting Stone, Adv. Weapon Enchanting Stone, Basic Helm Enchanting Stone, Adv. Helm Enchanting Stone, Basic Mail Enchanting Stone, Adv. Mail Enchanting Stone, Basic Greaves Enchanting Stone, Adv. Greaves Enchanting Stone, Basic Ring Enchanting Stone, Adv. Ring Enchanting Stone, Basic Boot Enchanting Stone, and Adv. Boot Enchanting Stone.
    - Basic Enchanting Stones are used to enchant the equipment to Tier 5. after Tier 6, it will consume Adv. Enchanting Stone.
    - Enchanting Stones can be obtained from the Elite Eternal Spire.

    Elite Eternal Spire

    1. For each level (e.g. level 1 stage 10) you clear in the Eternal Spire, one Elite Guard will be unlocked.
    2. After you successfully defeat the Elite Guard, you will be rewarded with the corresponding equipment enchantment materials.
    3. Blitz will be available after you clear the dungeon manually.

    Please note that the above content may be adjusted due to changes of the development plan. Final updates will be determined in game.

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    And what about the max enchant limit of each level gear??? They give allready big amount of stats... If you're gonna make this change will have full unbalance whole server....

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      isn't it already unbalance with the hard cashers dominates the entire game?


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        Originally posted by norrinradd View Post
        isn't it already unbalance with the hard cashers dominates the entire game?
        Dont know what do you expect exactly , its a pay 2 win game .


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          would of been nice to know that the enchant points/globe whatever you want to call it.. resets.. at reset.. bye bye 130 runestone thingies


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            Originally posted by R244375573
            yes...with the option of free.

            IF no free players then there will be no cash players


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              Originally posted by R244375573
              would of been nice to know that the enchant points/globe whatever you want to call it.. resets.. at reset.. bye bye 130 runestone thingies


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                Why has everything reset? Doesnt state that above and everything else we can pay cash for stays after reset like evolving, training with soulstones, and blessing with bless stones. Is this a bug? Please look into it.. Enchant Points from using the Enchant Stones are resetting..
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                  yea same thing happen to me... all the enchant point has been reset.. is it suppose to happen or is it a bug? GM please respond.. what a waste..


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                    evry thing have reset lost all me enchant point you should have tell that some where
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                      I also lost all my points from my enchants.. now they are back at 0


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                        Yup I can confirm that the enchant points disappear too.

                        Also those bubbles on my icon dock at the top of my screen don't decrease when I use a chance and disappear when I use all attempts.
                        Last edited by Solariai; 05-23-2014, 12:33 AM. Reason: lol I just had to wait an hour to see the countdown timer go anywhere.
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                          Please refresh the elite battle, so we can get back the elite rewards again.


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                            Same here everything reseted... I hope it doesn't do that everyday or it will be hard to lvl it...


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                              why would iti be hard to lvl up? you simply save some more and use it at once
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