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Cross-server Team Tournament Prize Confusion

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    "We understand there has been a lot of confusion and frustration concerning Angel Alecta and why she did not end up being the final prize for the event. Between when an event is first advertised and when it occurs there can often be differences between the original plan and the actual event."
    Yes, legal;y there are two terms.. once iis bait and switch, the second is express warranty. Both are civil offense in the United States.

    "In order to help make up for this confusion R2Games has contacted the developers and convinced them to add an extra event where players will be able to earn Royal Marks. This will allow players to earn enough Marks to purchase Alecta faster than originally intended"
    In order for us to help you we will bait and switch you again.. Those very , very, very few of you that came in first place.

    So you will not give the winners a FREE item?? You simply have to give them 010110010011100... yet they gave you money.. to pay your bills, and feed your family. Good job.

    Write me another note about how you care, right after you collect your paycheck.


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      Anything is suppose to come after this ? Compensation, Alecta (can still dream) ?
      You said there will be an event, first i understand this event will be for everyone (and i hope it will) and not only winner, second this event will take place for the next team tournament.

      That mean so far, nothing as been done for THIS tournament. You promised an Alecta, if you don't want to give it, you have to compensate with what you can that would worth it.
      If dev don't want to take their responsability, you have to take it yourself, but there is no reason your customer pay for YOUR (GTA and R2) mistake.