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    begun when one member of the vampires starts to cross the border line between the clans and broke their rules, and then the war starts and until now....

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      he found this game and blew all his money on tiny bits of virtual code with no real value.
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        .. and still he kept playing because he thought that in this game of angels he could be a devil and become a legend

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          A devilish smile sat upon his face... What if he could lure a famous do-gooder into corruption? This would certainly please his master and maybe even helped him...

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            When suddenly a great warrior came out of nowhere and took the dagger and aim straight to the heart .,of vampire.

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              But vampire`s passion continued into the afterlife.

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                The firelight within Black Rose Tavern cheerfully danced across the beaten walls. Suddenly, a gust of chilled air swept through the room as the tavern’s door was flung open and in stumbled a bedraggled and frenzied mage entered into and sat along with other weird personalities who were already their, enjoying their drinks and supper. the maze then realize something approaching towards her and then ........

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                  A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope , is a mythological with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf , either purposely or after being placed under a curse

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                    The mage goes through the middle of the tavern wearing a long cloak that hangs over tired body along the road full of dangers and adventures ... Nobody knows where it came from ... Nobody knows his name ... No one knows what will happen ...

                    IGN: Septi
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                      Though he thought we will pass unrecognized, the invevitable happened. A small blind girl, dressed like a common peasant approched him from behind and catch his cloak asking him to stop for a moment.
                      "Kind sir, help me and i'll return your favour in time !", she said
                      "Leave me a alone kid, i must not stop !"
                      "But you must, otherwishe you will have to ...

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                      LoA is the game
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                        As the mage look around once more while the girl still holding him, recognized something wrong that it is too silent like everybody is waiting ready for something. He thought that the girl knows more than he think and

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                          He grabbed the girl, shaking her, What do you know, did he ask. The girl stuttert in reply:

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                            "They know your secret"

                            He realize that his red heeled boot showed from the bottom of his cloak. He covers it in hurry... Good thing the little girl is blind but someone else may see it! He look around panicked then he....

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                            Originally posted by Henry Miller
                            There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.



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                              catched hell fire in blid eyes of little girl. Yes, she was blind, but infernal fire was glowing red in her eyes. Hot and sharp...

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                                The princess was running and wolf chasing her after that the princess was hiding behind the woods at she is scared cuz she dont want to die and some hero save her and kill the wolfs

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