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    and a miracle happened, she gently opened her eyes whispered "i was dreaming about you".

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    your friendly neighborhood Battousai

    habang ikay tulog akoy gising nakabantay sayo..


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      The frenzied mage started casting AoE spells wipeing everything in front of him.

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        the mage didnt realize that Claire is immune to any magic spell and turn her back to her normal form, the mage was shock saying " Claire is too strong for me, i cant defeat her" and then Claire said to mage " no spell can affect me and no one can defeat me," and she cast a spell to all creature including wolf,vampire and mage, spell that turn everyone to normal human without power. A year past, the elder named 'SiegFart' notice that Claire can be defeat by a powerful kiss. A kiss by a Royal Blood Prince........

        IGN: Claire
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          lol hauf twiligh ba ito claire.. feng lol


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            This elder Siefart is known for his powerful magic and spell, but, can't do anything to defeat his geratest foe Claire. Before Claire make her final kill to siegfart, she said" this is the end for you and your race and your race will be forgotten" one final blow strike upon the mage heart and....died. people of mage city is full of fear.... then in a sudden a warrior came out of nowhere..... "My name is fengsui, i will protect and take care of your race and that siegfart will be remembered as hero among hero" fengsui run towards Claire....


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              Claire smile at fengsui. as they walk towards the city with a great determination to protect the kingdom in whatever chaos that will come

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                Originally posted by mhaztah View Post
                a waitress passed by with a seemingly tempting smile, which diverted his attention for a moment. and just like that, when he looked back at the corner, it was empty.. and the howling cold wind began tear through the night again..

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                so maniac u old man >>=)) feng


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                  and so the evil that is known only as Claire continues to ravage the land countless tried to defeat the monster but none has succeeded those who opposed her are instantly killed those who chose to serve her endured unimaginable suffering but one day a desperate plot has been made against her by a select few while she ate her victim alive she suddenly fell unconscious not knowing that the person she was eating has been drugged a drug that has been specially designed just for her the immortal who is immune to magic resurrects when killed and regenerates damage done to her but its aim is not to kill her, for its foolish to kill she who will just be reborn again, no its aim is to keep her immobile long enough to transport her a place specially designed to seal her for eternity, placed in a small box too small to stand or stretch her limbs, impaled with spears on all angles where the spear also act as a support to the whole structure to where she is sealed beneath the earth kilometers away from the surface an enchanted place no might nor magic work where her only chance of escape is from an outside help. as she awoke from her slumber and realizing the hopeless situation she finds herself in she shouts for help but no one came for her forever alone forever in agony forever alive and securely sealed in a place that is now forgotten, and as time passes after the celebration of her defeat has long since over she is remove from history so no one be tempted to search for her in the accursed place where she sealed buried and impaled alive but never dying for all eternity. . . .


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                    then the time has passed, Claire's stories has pass down to everyone from generation to generation. Some people still argue that she's still alive somewhere and one day she would strike again while others do believe that's she's gone forever and everything about her is just a myth.

                    IGN: Chien
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                      And a year past, the mage who turn claire into frog and defeated by claire wants to avenge himself, he was trained by Bane known as the powerful mage. and the time past the mage regain his power that sealed by claire. Then the mage is preparing to defeat claire inorder to avenge himself and to be the strongest Mage alive. He read all history about the Legendary Claire and then he find out where claire is sealed, he decided to go to his friend, the spell breaker Ptolemy, and he ask for his help to unsealed claire, and when the time come's unsealing Claire the Mage said " this is the time that ill avenge my self", Claire laugh "ha ha ha" you didnt realize that no one can defeat me or any spell cant affect me nor drugs or what ever it is. but the Mage continue to kill claire then the battle began...

                      IGN: Claire
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                        A bright light fires from nowhere. On a jarring path, like a lighting bolt. I tried to dodge it. I was successful but then..

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                        IGN: MnemosynE
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                          KngJB, the mage who was trained by Bane, used all his power in the battle but he was no match for this monster claire. She tore him apart and drank his blood. only if she knew this mage KngJB had AIDS. Now its just waiting game.....

                          Bane, S89


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                            of karma slap Claire with the truth bout KngJB. When shadows cover her life, her face pale til it green and no make up can fix it, and hemorrhoid be Claire's loyal follower... That is the perfect time for Claire to...

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                            Originally posted by Henry Miller
                            There are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature.



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                              But Claire, being the most powerful of all begin her journey into the wilderness to search for a cure for AIDS. As she travelled in pain, her power begins to decrease...

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                                Could this be the end for her? Had she lived this long only to die of this dreadful disease? Could she really die? She was immortal after all. Fate had played a cruel trick on her. She would not give up so easily though..

                                Meeka S204 Floating City