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    as Claire journey in search for cure, her killing spree went on from city to city - desperate, hopeless, restless, agonize of the bad faith, she can't bare the pain AIDS giving her. Claire realized being immortal will do no good for her. She shouted with conviction and regrets "I WANT TO DIE NOW!!!" her voice echoed that no one can hear. Her immortality is only a joke! Claire decided to settle down in a place where no one can see her for eternity.


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      however, after sometimes.. claire thought that this couldnt end like this.. lonely suffered her more than her disease.. and suddenly, an evil thought crossed in her mind. "i'm not gonna bare this burden alone' i'll spread this disease so everyone in this world should know my suffering. the whole universe must feel the same pain as me. then.............

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        Claire put her plane to spread the disease into motion But suddenly

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          another elder appeared named "Yunan" saying dont believe whats happening to her, dont you forget she has ability to regenerate? and she was immortal how could a simple disease kill a legendary and powerful creature? like SiegFart said no spell,drugs,or what ever disease could kill her, she can only defeated by a kiss of a royal blood prince, thats what make her powerless or should i say normal being, and then....

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            a sudden thought in her mind. a doubt, doubt how she can spread the disease with her ugly look she is no longer a goddess as it was before, her look like a giant cyclops and as fat as it is. her skin dried by time and her hair "is this a hair" as she gazed upon her face on the water. what happened to my regeneration ability? could this be the end of my career? "NOH THIS IS NOT HAPPENING" shouted with a grusome look distorted face with anger.

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              Claire try to figure out how her regeneration ability gone? after 100years TRYING to know how that it happened, realize it was the her disease took it away from her.


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                She gritted her teeth, overcome by malice. She would lay waste to all that stood in her path on her way to reversing the grotesque symptoms. "I will rise again and may the angels help those who oppose me!" - she shrieked in a high pitched voice, blazing flames of vengeance shining in her eyes.

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                  the sky opened and an angel said: "We wont help you. You have to manage by yourself"

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                    She sat there... feeling defeated. All hope was lost, or was it? She looked up into the sky and BAM! Something hits her going extremely fast. She gets knocked out and when she comes to, her vision is blurry. She blinks a couple of times as something is staring her in the face. "What.. what happened..? Who... WHAT are you!?!"

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                      It was the plot. Oh, how it burned her eyes to look at it.

                      not really, here we go for real:

                      She looked down to see a pair of apple-like objects lying on the ground."Eat of the Fruit of Life, and the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil." She heard a feminine voice and looked to see the Angel Lorelei. "I will guide you in the ways of the Angels. Let your suffering bring wisdom and compassion."

                      And so it was that after years of indoctrination into the ways of the Angels that Claire came to be summoned by...

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                        it was a a gift from the gods it was like a feeling she never felt before she could feel all the power surrounded around her....

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                          in that moment she knew all was not lost and that she was going to win ,a feeling of uncontrollable power and wellbeing washed over her ..... her eyes shone now ,not of hate or revenge but
                          of wisdom and compassion for her enemies

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                            summoned by her develish act "NEVER!" " i am who i am" no apple or angel can change my way of life!" with no regrets in her voice. "not even a kiss from a prince will defeat me, even you useless angels"!! "i am the god!" "whoever your god is i will vanish him, like what i did to others who suffer and died on my merciless hand" you will end begging to me!! i may be ugly now but i can regain it and i will take from you angels!! and Claire draw her sword and threw it to the angels! a light came out of nowhere.....



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                              -_- this story event now become nowhere, mess , and more like a self emotional story . pro and contra about "Claire". -_- . anyway i will be neutral to end this LOL .

                              Her story now is abandoned . And all the book which tell about her tale, is burned down ,gone to the nothing , no one will remember her again. Call her as "Evil Being" because her countless crimes.
                              But there is some group which have become follower of "Claire" for decade, try ressurect her name, and begin spreading her tale in good side , so her story as"legend" will be remember again at southern side, from writing hand, and become famous.

                              Until now the north continent call her as "evil Being" , and the Southern Continent idolize her and remembered as "legend".
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                                BOOK 2: north continent call her as "evil Being" , and the Southern Continent idolize her and remembered as "legend".

                                Two men across their path: one from the north and the other from southern, aware of the story about Claire


                                sylvias copse