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League of Angels – 8/14 System Update

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    ^ though if the UGC's are available there isn't much time left to buy them because after tomorrow they'll be retired. Also there are many other recharge options other than credit card and soon retired Ultimate Game Card (for example: MOL Points).
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    That being said character names in games I play is Solariai


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      Floe Hunter for 20k diamonds ???
      it is sucks, man !
      Floe Hunter is not a new mount anyway


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        Originally posted by R251750293 View Post
        In the US on the R2Games platform, 399DIA = $3.99.

        On their site, you can pay $4.99 for 500 diamonds.

        We all want everything to be free, but four/five dollars is a really, really small amount. A movie ticket costs three to four times as much.

        I pay through PayPal so no credit card shenanigans, there are game cards you can use too. I think WalMart sells Ultimate Game cards online and delivers electronically to your email at no charge, too.
        Indeed it's not much but spending 5$ for that mount? haha 15% chance to increase atk by 10% that's a hell of an evolve without counting its poor bonus stats... so no, better use your 5$ in sth else.


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          I was totally looking forward to this.. a new free mount awesome. Oh it aint free at all, its an Evolve thing for a bought mount.
          And the cockatrice mount, really, everyone on our server has that for FREE from the daric shop, and was easily obtatined from the daric shop for FREE.
          Oh well, a little bitter sweet.


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            Take note all.. you need to have both a majestic steed and iron cockatrice soul to evolve the cockatrice mount. Furthermore, you need to have azul wolf mount to evolve the Floe Hunter.
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              Originally posted by R2_Mars View Post
              Just can’t seem to get enough mounts? Then here’s your chance! With this week’s update we'll be introducing a new Mount Exclusive event, a new loading screen, 1-Click Angel Worship function, and a few optimizations and bug fixes. The update begins 8/13 for S1 and S2. All other servers will update on 8/14.

              New event - Mount Exclusive (August 15th - August 17th)

              Get an awesome mount during the event simply by opening the Mount Exclusive event icon, choosing one of the three mounts (Majestic Steed, Cockatrice and Floe Hunter), and then completing all corresponding tasks to obtain the mount. Once obtained, you can use a Mount Bonus Card to get even more rewards!

              New function: 1-Click Worship (unlocks at Lvl. 50)

              Are you eager to gain enough blessings to activate special buffs from your Angels more quickly and easily? Now you can! Just use the 1-click Worship button to worship all unlocked Angels 3 times at once!

              New loading Screen: Amazon Hunter & Polly

              - Updated the rewards for Rose Ranks.
              - Add a new item: Mount Bonus Card.
              - Reduce the price for the Lvl. 3 Seed Pack in the Shop to 50 Diamonds (now 80% off).
              - Removed the Elite fish purchase privilege from VIP Bonuses.

              Bug Fixes
              - Fixed the misplacing issue with Angels Statues.
              - Fixed special skill display issues for Angel Mikaela and Alecta.
              - Fixed abnormal interface display for Lvl. 10 + Rune Upgrade.
              - Fixed bug in which initial rage points were not given in battle when using Lvl. 80 equipment.
              i have full rage with lvl 80 set when i compare only but not in team arena so i guess its still bugged.


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                Because it's not Free-still have to buy the Steed, if you dont have already

                Originally posted by alanna1564 View Post
                well said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Again, it still requires a diamond buy. :/