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[9/22 - 9/24] Pet Evolution Blessing

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  • [9/22 - 9/24] Pet Evolution Blessing

    Time: 9/22/2014 00:00 - 9/24/2014 23:59 (server time)

    Server: All Servers

    Details: Always fail in Evolution? Want a Lvl. 3 pet? Get a 5% increase in the critical success rate for Pet Evolution during the event. Helps you quickly improve your pets’ battle rating!

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    Funny how ya'll wait till I have no evolution pills to pop this up
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      Originally posted by DemonFlameWolf View Post
      Funny how ya'll wait till I have no evolution pills to pop this up
      Just used cca. 50
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        Well I hope my PR nightmare runs will give me some pills...if not I'm stuck to buying them
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          You guys do Pet Evolve with 5%, why Purification Blessing (the chances to get a legend stats) only 1%? i know its legend and all, but 1%.
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          Just be respectful and tolerate okay


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            stupid event. why just give evolution pills rather than have chance on upgrading. or just upgrade it for free without using pet evolution pill.
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              Originally posted by DemonFlameWolf View Post
              Funny how ya'll wait till I have no evolution pills to pop this up
              Yeah! same for me, but im still happy. lol
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                130 pills for 8 stars from 7 stars. But i somehow doubt the event helped me that much!
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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	10 starss.png
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                  Yasss and 152 pills leftover. About 150+ to get from 7 stars to 10 D
                  Class: Hunter|Ultimate Hunter
                  Server 5 - Silver Temple


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                    bring back bookbag exchange (with wedding costume plz!!!!!!)


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                      110 Pet Evloution Pill and always failed in 5 stars..
                      i'm now 2 starts..
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                        its the nature of the beast, the game is a massive lottery of luck


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                          When are the crystal wings going to be available again ? I'd pay good money for them...but of course it's not happening because the people behind the scenes running Lunaria Story don't care about it's players or updating the game content.
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                            Its a fact that Lunaria Story has more drama than a soap opera. and is the least favourite of the R2's Games, the fact after 4 years it's still going and having servers released is a miracle. And don't expect mods to forward requests either, they just as sick of LS as everyone else at R2. Sorry Bat! but i think its done. constant rotation of same events each month is just to pacify the people that waste money on the new servers they release every month, squeezing every last cent out of its players
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