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LS Server Maintenance 10/29 at 22:00 EDT

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  • LS Server Maintenance 10/29 at 22:00 EDT

    Lunaria Story servers will be going down for maintenance at 22:00 EDT on October 29th, (19:00 PDT; 02:00 GMT/10:00 GMT +8). Servers are expected to be down for 2 hours for maintenance, but could be longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

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    I wish this would get announced before the servers went offline. ;~;
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    Server: 117
    IGN: Freya
    Level: 65
    Might: 1m+
    Guild: ѕιᴎᴎєяѕ
    Partner/Pupil: Swarm


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      LOL agree, but the server is up now ( 2 hours or less not more, i think they wrong text)
      Server: 37 (Mermaid Lagoon)
      IGN: Vilenth_Faulth
      Class: Warrior
      Level: 88 (no more buff in regular maps T-T)
      SPR: move a little up more to 308
      VIP: 4
      Guild: Claymore
      Class: Novice Paladin
      Current Might: 1.060.332 just seen before maint ^^
      Partner: Chuya


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        didnt read this....dc in nebula


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          if we can a gift like 5000 gold ^_^ please x)


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            if we can have a mail with 5000 gold please ^_^.... after mainteanance


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              for all players xD


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                I agree with plamimi, r2 games has a habit of doing maintenance during money rain or other very important events to players
                soo i think bigger compensation is due.. so since maintaince was done during money rain. and battle of might and guild domi,

                on a money rain day
                300 gold, 300 vouchers, and 1 level 4 tablet token to all players, and 1000 guild points to those guilds who signed up for guild domi (or you can give it to all players )would be fair

                if it was done dring lucky dice event day
                it wold be 2200 warrior duel pionts, 20 magic scrolls, 20 magical crystal cores, 20 star feathers, 1 level 4 attack gem, 1000k silver, to all players and for those signed up for guild domi 1000 guild points (or you can give it to all players ) would be fair

                or to make it even easier you can just do a 6000 gold to all players.. because that about the average amount of stuff( based on shop prices) players loose every time you do maintenance during events..

                or r2 games can do maintaince at normal times.... like 00:00 - 04:00
                or 8:00 - 12:00 hours game time
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                  It would not matter what time r2 did maintenance, they would always affect 1 of the timezones.