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    It Pays to Consume

    Time: 2/23/2016 00:00 - 2/26/2016 23:59 (Server Time)

    Spend 1,000 Gold, and get a 1,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Lvl. 1 Carving Token x10, Lottery Ticket Fragment x10

    Spend 4,000 Gold, and get a 4,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Lvl. 2 Carving Token x10, Basic Refinement Stone x20, Intermediate Refinement Scroll x20

    Spend 8,000 Gold, and get an 8,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Carving Gift Pack x1, Refinement Gift Pack x1

    Spend 15,000 Gold, and get a 15,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Carving Gift Pack x2, Refinement Gift Pack x2

    Spend 30,000 Gold, and get a 30,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Carving Gift Pack x5, Refinement Gift Pack x5

    Spend 50,000 Gold, and get a 50,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Carving Gift Pack x10, Refinement Gift Pack x10

    Spend 100,000 Gold, and get a 100,000 Daily Consumption Gift Pack.
    • Contains Carving Gift Pack x10, Refinement Gift Pack x10, Lvl. 4 Pet Skill Manual Gift Pack x20, Warrior Points Card (1,000) x3, Lvl. 5 Carving Token x10

    • "Spend" means spending Gold in-game — this includes auto-purchases. Only items that you’ve purchased with your own Gold, during the event, will count towards your spending total.
    • All servers may participate.
    • Items bought with Vouchers do not count for the purposes of this event.
    • You can collect packs at any time — one by one as you reach each tier, or all at once when you reach the highest tier.


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      Pet Potential Blessing

      Time: 2/27/2016 00:00 - 2/292016 23:59 (Server Time)

      All Servers

      Get a 5% increase in the critical success rate for Pet Growth during the event. Helps you quickly improve your pets’ Battle Rating!


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        A Crisis, A Crisis, Oh My!

        Time: 2/27 00:00 - 2/29 23:59 (Server Time)

        A multi-player dungeon, opens daily at 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, and 20:00. It seems some monsters won't give up, and they're making trouble! The boss Bunny leads the attack, with 30 waves of monsters trying to invade Lunaria City, and cut down the Tree of Life. Brave warriors, you must stand firm! Protect the Tree of Life! Keep these no-goodniks from destroying Lunaria City!

        BOSS has a chance to drop:
        Savvy Pill Gift Pack
        Astrology Gift Pack
        Lvl. 2 Luck Scroll
        Lvl. 2 Carving Token
        Intermediate Refinement Stone
        Lvl. 4 Carving Token
        Jade Rabbit Morph Card (Legendary)


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          discount shop ?


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            really bella pet for bb ?


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              bella pet???
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                well i hope thats right seeing as the older servers have an unfair advantage with pet-book due to the bella pet BB slip up a while back,
                so it would be nice.
                SUCKS TO SUCK


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                  at long last, bella pet is finally back. Great item r2 *thumbs up*
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                    No discount shop this month? =(

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                      1500 bookbags in 3 days will be almost impossible even if you farm all the time. Last time Bella was offered, it was only 500 or 800 bookbags. Please lower the requirement for the egg or extend the event for 7 days instead of 3.


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                        i don't think it will be bella pet, we had the maintenance and the pet still the same. so its probably a typo


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                          a few people see bella pet my guild mate sees it


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                            will there be a special event for lunar new years?
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                              damn pet bella -_-, when legend pet?
                              Last edited by MariaTok; 01-31-2016, 04:05 AM.


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                                No discount shop :c </3
                                Just a Strawberry.