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[Announcement] Get Your Level Gift Pack!

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  • [Announcement] Get Your Level Gift Pack!

    Lunaria Story is beginning its alpha! We have a bunch of great items for you, to help you get the most out of the testing period. As you level up, you will receive valuable Level Gift Packs. The packs include valuable Cards, Scrolls, and even Gold that can be used in Shop.

    Level 10 Gift Pack:
    • Silver Card (10k) x2
    • Teleportation Talisman x2
    • 500 Gold

    Level 20 Gift Pack:
    • Teleportation Talisman x5
    • Advanced Pet Feed x3
    • 1,000 Gold

    Level 30 Gift Pack:
    • Resurrection Stone x5
    • Reward Poster x2
    • Refresh Token x3
    • Magic Scroll x5
    • Escort Scroll x2
    • 2,000 Gold

    Level 35 Gift Pack:
    • Power Medicine x5
    • Basic Material Instance Scroll x2
    • Slash Extension Scroll x1
    • Teleportation Talisman x10
    • Star Feather x5
    • 4,000 Gold

    Level 40 Gift Pack:
    • Star Spirit Pill – Superior x5
    • Magic Crystal Core x3
    • Starlight Jacket Synthesis Scroll x1
    • Glorious Cloth Hat Synthesis Scroll x1
    • Skylight Pants Synthesis Scroll x1
    • Protection Runes I x2
    • 10,000 Gold

    Level 45 Gift Pack:
    • Double EXP Card x1
    • Double Star Spirit Card x1
    • Advanced Pet Feed x5
    • Pet Spirit Stone x1
    • Stone of Growth x5
    • Succession Scroll x2
    • 20,000 Gold

    Level 50 Gift Pack:
    • Double EXP Card x2
    • Double Star Spirit Card x2
    • Resurrection Stone x2
    • Reward Poster x5
    • Star Feather x10
    • Pet Aptitude Pill x5
    • Purification Lock x2
    • Spirit of the Dragon x2
    • 40,000 Gold
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