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[Guide] The Labyrinth

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  • [Guide] The Labyrinth


    The Labyrinth becomes available at level 41. Talk with the Labyrinth Witch to enter the Labyrinth. The time limit for finding the exit is 30 minutes.

    • Players enter the Labyrinth on the first level.
    • Speak with the Labyrinth Guard to claim the first reward.
    • Find Level 2, claim the next reward, and proceed through the Labyrinth.
    • Players must go through each Level, in order, in order to claim the rewards.
    • The goal is to pass through each level, numbered 1-18, claiming all of the rewards.
    • Each level has a Portal leading to the previous level, a Portal leading to the next level, and 3 Portals leading to random levels. One of these levels may contain a mysterious Labyrinth Merchant, a mysterious shop, and mysterious, rare items…
    • High Labyrinth levels give better rewards.
    • Pass through each level, in order, claiming all the rewards, and clear the Labyrinth! Players who successfully clear the Labyrinth will be ranked, so challenge yourself to have as short a run as possible.

    • The top of the screen has 5 cards, which may be flipped. Turning them over reveals hints about which Portals lead to which levels. Players receive 5 free card flips.
    • After passing through a Portal to a new Level, the previous Level’s card will flip, to better your odds of choosing the correct one.
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