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[Guide] Luck Wand

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  • [Guide] Luck Wand


    Luck Wand becomes available to players level 35 and above, who have finished the associated quest, in the main quest line. Use the Luck Wand to rescue creatures. Click on them to set them free, and earn your reward. You may use the Luck Wand twice a day, for free. VIPs have more attempts to use the Luck Wand, up to 12 depending on their VIP level.

    • Some players will receive either 3% or 10% of the total Silver in the pot.
    • Occasionally there will be a jackpot winner, who receives all of the Silver in the pot. Each creature that’s rescued adds 10,000 Silver to the pot.
    • Gold is also available as a prize, as well as rare level 7 Gems, and 999 Roses.
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