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[Guide] Romantic Interlude

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  • [Guide] Romantic Interlude


    For male and female parties, only. If a married couple enters the Romantic Interlude, they will receive the Birds of a Feather and Eternal Bond Buffs. The Birds of a Feather Buff grants a 30,000 DEF boost. Eternal Bonds Buff provides a 30,000 ATK increase. Couples will also receive double rewards.

    • Parties must consist of one male, and one female.
    • Each team member must be at least level 45.

    • Players will encounter 5 waves of monsters in this instance. Each wave includes 20 monsters.
    • New waves will spawn once the previous wave of 20 monsters has been cleared.
    • The Boss will appear after all waves are cleared.
    • The instance is cleared after boss has been killed.
    • Players fighting monsters of the same sex will only do one point of damage per hit. Players fighting monsters of the opposite sex will do damage as usual.

    Boss Tips
    • Sex Transformation: The Boss will change their sex during the battle. This can be confirmed by looking at the symbol (♂ for male and ♀ for female) above it. Once the Boss has changed sex, partners should change their strategy. One should act as a tank, absorbing damage, while the other deals damage.
    • PATK and MATK: Boss can use skills with both PATK and MATK. Only those who have high Might, stand a good chance of clearing the instance. The Buffs for married couples will greatly increase a party’s odds of victory.
    • Going Berserker: Each time the Boss loses 10% of their total HP, they will go berserker, which temporarily greatly increases their ATK. Both partners will also be able to deal their normal amounts of Damage as well, so they should plan carefully how they’ll handle this situation.

    • Defeating monsters awards many Accuracy and Dodge Gems.
    • Clearing the instance rewards players with large amounts of EXP and silver. Married couples get double rewards.
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