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  • Leveling Seals?

    Okay, so I've got two rare seals (Magic Attack and Accuracy) One Legendary (HP) And an uncommon (HP).

    My question is how do I level up the legendaries and the rares? Every time I try, all the commons mash together seemingly in a random fashion or my Lvl 5 Uncommon seal eats them all up. Does anyone know how this occurs and how I can change this?

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    Congrats! and Yes
    If you wish to level up seals. Drag the one you want to keep, over the one you want to absorb. Green gives 30exp, Blue gives 60exp, Purple gives 120 exp, Pink (Legendary) gives 480exp.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Seals cannot absorb a seal rarer than itself, so read the message before you click okay. The commons and uncommons mash together, but the highest level uncommon stays. you can get purples to absorb each other or have your legendary there to absorb all purples. I would suggest getting lv 3-5 seals, and obtaining the Legendary Magic Attack Seal as soon as possible.
    I currently have 140k+ Seal Exp and 4 Legendary Seals, I bought 2 of them with star points, the other 2 were luckily sealed from silvers