Hi Guys just writing up a EXP table for character levels.

Lv01.-250exp Lv15.-14620exp Lv29.-271750exp Lv43. Lv57.
Lv02.-640exp Lv16.-18550exp Lv30- Lv44. Lv58.
Lv03.-910exp Lv17.-20950exp Lv31.-428516exp Lv45. Lv59.
Lv04.-1330exp Lv18.-23500exp Lv32.-621349exp Lv46. Lv60.
Lv05.-1900exp Lv19.27280exp Lv33.-900959exp Lv47. Lv61.
Lv06.-2620exp Lv20.-31330exp Lv34.-1306385exp Lv48. Lv62.
Lv07.-3320exp Lv21.- Lv35.-1744259exp Lv49. Lv63.
Lv08.-3490exp Lv22.-48100exp Lv36.-1866675exp Lv50. Lv64.
Lv09.-4010exp Lv23.-65920exp Lv37.4510238exp Lv51. Lv65.
Lv10.-4980exp Lv24.-87820exp Lv38.-5967684exp Lv52. Lv66.
Lv11.-7600exp Lv25.-114250exp Lv39.-8164775exp Lv53. Lv67.
Lv12.-9130exp Lv26.- Lv40. Lv54.-141957419exp Lv68.
Lv13.-10830exp Lv27.- Lv41. Lv55. Lv69.
Lv14.-12640exp Lv28.-223870exp Lv42. Lv56. Lv70.

Need more Data for lv 21,26,27,30 and 40+

Also Enchant Equip Table may be up soon