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Pet Talent Skill Guide - Character Prestiege

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    Originally posted by Swyli View Post
    Ill try to analyze it abit.. but i would say Crit Rate is better then Crit Dmg.. since there still exists Tenacity.
    For now i stick with Exp I until they activate Level 3 Talents.. ~.~ Gonna save pages till then and decide dependant on my amount.
    I see, did the LVL card work for 59-60? and what EXP did u save for doing that?:P am creeping up on lv 56. Getting 60-70m+exp daily


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      I make around 80-90m exp daily, i used my Level Up Card as soon as i reached lvl 59.. which were on 0,01% - Informations please in the Level Up Card Thread ^^

      Cause here the topic is something different.. dont think Exp Level 2 Talent is quite worth it anyway.
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